BW sunset

Beautiful beach engagement session

I sort of have a bet with myself that during the toasts and speeches that will be given at Amy & Coleman's wedding reception in June, the phrase "impossibly good-looking" or some variation thereof may crop up here and there.

Gorgeous sunlight

football engagement

These two are a FOOTBALL COUPLE! Naturally we had to allot a little playtime into their session!

kiss on rocky beach

Laguna Beach holds special meaning to this couple since Coleman used to live on the hill in this photo's background. It was cool that we were able to incorporate that.

Glance over the shoulder

Cute couple engagement session

Engagement story

Coleman's initial marriage proposal to Amy involved an intensely-planned, two-day, clue-riddled, multi-state scavenger hunt that ultimately ended with a ring on Amy's finger and these custom "engagement" Giuseppe Zanotti pumps on her feet!

Cascading sunshine

  • Absolutely love that second image (the first vertical)! Good stuff. =)

  • I love these!!!! you two look so happy and relaxed and beautiful!!! Gorgeous pictures :)

  • These are amazing!!! You guys look wonderful!! :)

  • Samantha Bessert

    These are beautiful! It’s amazing how much you have captured their personalities throughout all of these photos. From individual personalities to them as a couple its amazing. The wonderful landscape that LB is perfect.

    My favorite is the first and football one :)


  • Molly, these are absolutely beautiful! They both look so natural, you captured their true expressions. I just love them!

  • Love the photos, especially the piggy back one and this sitting down last one. Thank you!

  • Such beautiful pictures!! Totally captures you two perfectly! Love love love!!! :)

  • Molly was a perfect choice for a photographer! She was very creative and knew what she wanted us to do, but at the same time was kind and fun for the entire shoot! Could not ask for anything better!

  • Molly, you certainly seem to a natural talent for capturing their personalities and that unique sparkle in their eyes … it is something special. I haven’t chosen the the perfect picture that accurately communicates that special moment … “Where’s my wallet Amy?” but I’m sure it here somewhere.

  • I love love love the pictures you guys!! You both are so beautiful inside and out and I am so very happy for you. Cannot wait till June :) and Coleman, I LOVE THE SHOES!!!

  • caroline isaac

    i LOVE them they are absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Molly, you really captured Coleman and Amy’s personality and emotion!You are so talented and your pictures are simply beautiful…!

  • You look so beautiful and calm on your pictures Amy! Congratulations!

  • These photos are great at communicating Cole and Amy’s unique story. I love seeing them in different places and doing different things.

  • These are beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple.

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