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  • Fall 2014

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Family Portraits in the Woods

It really was not surprising that my good friend the all-around wedding & events maven Desiree Patterson has a family who as goofy and fun-loving as she is.  My favorite kind of people!  Always comfortable with each other, and able to make the overall experience of being photographed fun for everyone involved.  What was surprising was that Desiree, who is very open about how un-outdoorsy she is, sprang for a session in a nature park. I am so glad she did, I think the light and texture of the background is just scrumptious in her pictures. Not that anybody could notice the background with such a

Some people (like Noah here) are just naturals at stealing the spotlight...

Thanks for a fun afternoon, Desiree & fam!  The pictures came out just about as rockin’ as you guys are!

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