Not too long ago my fabulous tax accountant Summer asked me to attend and photograph her grandson’s first birthday party. The theme was “little monsters,” though ‘monster’ would hardly fit the description of Chace himself. He was sweet, quiet, attentive, friendly, and enjoyed every minute of his party…from the delicious blue birthday cake frosting to his new red bike! Ah, it’s good to be one!

This was something special's a good thing Summer ensured I was there, because Chace took some of his first steps and we were able to get photos of it!

Chace's uncle J.R. playing with the piñata eyeball

"Happy biiiirrrthday toooo you!"

ADORABLE homemade monster cupcakes! Each one unique! And Chace roaring like a monster :)

Chace takes a whack at the piñata with his mama and daddy, and his great-great grandma acting a little "monsterish" herself!

Happy birthday to Chace!