This past week we had the honor of photographing a very special luncheon for the charitable organization OC Walk to Remember, which supports grieving parents of terminally afflicted newborns. The group’s cause is not only to help bereaved couples, but also to provide support to hospitals, social workers, and therapists who may come into contact with parents grieving the loss of a baby. This was an important event for husband-wife cofounders Kristyn and Mark, who founded the organization in the memory of their son Joseph, primarily because OC Walk to Remember has recently partnered with The Honest Company, and Honest spokespeople Jessica Alba and¬†Christopher Gavigan were present to discuss the cause and answer questions. Big thanks to Planet Zaya for recommending us to the event producers!

The Honest Company

Honest Company cofounders Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan answer questions regarding the importance of eco-friendly baby products

Orange County Walk to Remember

OC Walk to Remember board member Elizabeth Pagliarini tears up while describing her son, who was stillborn

OC Walk to Remember luncheon

Guests react to the emotional luncheon presentation

Jessica Alba Honest Company

(L): OC Walk to Remember co-founder Kristyn von Rotz explains "Memory Boxes," which she advocates should be furnished to every grieving new mother (R): The Honest Company's cofounders actress Jessica Alba and entrepreneur Christopher Gavigan

To learn more about OC Walk to Remember or The Honest Company, check out their websites!

  • Proof is in the pudding. You guys rocked it. Professionalism with sensitivity while still expressing your creativity. Thank you so much for attending. O.C. Walk deserves the best as do all of our kids. Thanks for your participation and excellence.