Cindy and Jaime braved mysterious rustling bushes and possible poison oak to land some of these photos. I love how they’re able to roll with the punches, and all the awesome plans they have lined up for their wedding at the Museum of Art in Long Beach are making me antsy for July to hurry up and get here!

Such a cute ensemble! I can't wait to see what kind of wedding dress Cindy picked out for herself!

So, Matt thinks Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins looks a lot like Jaime. I am leaning more towards Billy Zane. I don't know how we both landed on in on a "Billy"...what do you think?

At one point Cindy & Jaime had the opportunity to watch the sun go down together, something Jaime speculated they hadn't done together in years. Ah, well...I aim to please.

  • Im the Aunt to the Groom…and these pictures capture there LOVE perfectly I cant wait till JULY!! LOVE YA GUYS!!

  • What beautiful portraits for such a beautiful couple. Mike you caught the true beauty and personalities of Cindy and Jaime. I love them all. They are so cite and in love. Co will refer you to anyone. I am so happy for my two friends for their lifetime of happiness. You couldn’t have picked two more beautif people inside and out. They are an artists canvass God Bless you Cindy & Jaime for a lifetime of happiness all of the pictures are so unique. It tells sn amazing story. Great portraits!!!!! Love you both Sandy

  • Shelly Dunlap

    Ahhh! Oh my gosh how beautiful these photos are! Love love love! Amazing photography! You two are so Romeo and Juliet it kills me! Sooo sweet..I can’t believe the day is almost here! Miss you guys!

  • Pictures are absolutely amazing! A beautiful couple in a beautiful setting!!!

  • Such a fun and amazing set of photos!!! Cindy is such a sweetheart and these two look so happy together. I’m excited to see how their wedding photos turn out and see more of the samdid shots!

  • Wow, I am truly impressed!! I am so proud to be a part of this union. These pictures truly capture the sincere love these two (Cindy & Jaime) have for each other. God Bless your marriage.
    -Blanco & Velez Family

  • Gina Aghajani

    Omg! Cindy these pics are amazing!!! It’s very Edward and Bella from a Twilight scene! What an awesome photographer! You look so pretty and happy! I would agree if Billy Corgan and Billy Zane had a love child than he’d look like Jaime, but he looks mord like Billy Zane with a bald head! Where is this beautiful location???

  • You two look beautiful together. The love is apparent and defenatly shows.

  • Michelle Nguyen

    Cindy & Jaime,

    You both look STUNNING!!!!!! Im in love with these photos, you guys look so happy!!! Amazing photography!

  • These pictures are just gorgeous! The location is stunning. But Cindy & Jaime seem to improve any location they arrive at :) Congrats Cindy & Jaime we love you!

  • Cindy,
    These are so brautiful. Your photographer captured the love between you two like nothin I have seen before. Congrats my beautif friend.


  • Beautiful pictures! I can’t wait to see the wedding pics! Lovely, glowing couple!

  • You both look great!! Congrats!!

  • Your pics are so beautiful, I love them. You two look so happy. I wish u nothing but the best. I’m so happy for u too & can’t wait to celebrate. I hope some day I could share that love u too share. See you two at the wedding. By the way Josh thinks your pics r so pretty

  • I’m so happy for you two and blessed that I can finally have a sister! Cindy and Jaime, I wish you best in Life and Love. Keep the dreams alive and travel the world! Gina, is right! These pics remind me of a scene from Twilight. With Love, your bro Josh

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