Last week Matt and I had the incredible opportunity to photograph the beginning of Trevor and Angela’s engagement…the very beginning! Trevor met with me about a month ago to discuss his plan for popping the question to his longtime girlfriend Angela at the Disney parks esplanade, and how Matt and I could hide in plain sight and capture the moment before joining them in California Adventure for an engagement session.

What a moment! I was actually nervous for Trevor, whom I have known since high school. And of course he admitted being a little nervous himself!

Matt's awesome angle of Angela's reaction.

After they'd had their moment, Trevor revealed to Angela that we'd been photographing the whole thing!

Trevor had provided me with some Disney "Just Engaged!" pins to present to the two of them when we revealed ourselves

Of course, you can't get engaged in the middle of the Disney resort without attracting a little attention from other guests...!

Calling Mom and twittering the news

It's a bit trickier than other locations, but under the right conditions, California Adventure is a fantastic place for an engagement session!

Can it be a good Disneyland trip without a churro?

Congratulations to Angela & Trevor!

If you are considering an engagement session or having your proposal photographed, feel free to contact us and let’s talk about starting your engagement off with a bang! …or at least few clicks of the shutter ;-)