This weekend my mother and her siblings threw a cowboy-themed birthday party for my grandpa!  The details were all DIY, and in addition to having Western costumes and BBQ chicken with beans, guests each brought different salad dishes to share.

The birthday boy!

Ever the jokester, Grandpa had a little prank gun that vibrated like a shocking hand buzzer when you pull the trigger

Oregon trail maps and wild west spreads from National Geographic

My dad, my cousin, and my brother

My mother used toy horses as a centerpiece

Tossing salad, and washing plates with my dad

My cousin Christine had the cutest boots!

Food was self-serve using pie tins as plates.

Me with my brother and (almost) all our cousins on my mom's side. Only missing one person!

My brother and cousins

(Most of) my family

Questions for a Grandpa-centered trivia game were hidden throughout the yard for kids to hunt for

My cousins Christine (L) and Nick and Sara (R)

Grandpa with his sister