Q: Should I commission a photographer to take pictures when I propose to my significant other?

A: Whether photographers are included in your proposal’s “master plan” or not is all a matter of personal taste. If you’re sure your significant other will react well (and say yes!) then having a photographer on hand to capture the moment is fun for everyone else who couldn’t be there to see it…and great for both of you to be able to remember exactly how and where it happened.

One proposal that has been seen frequently featured on this blog as well as several others within this industry depicts our photography of Trevor’s proposal to Angela at Disney’s CA Adventure.

Trevor arranged it so that after he proposed, we all went on to do an engagement session in the park. So by the end of the day the couple had some great proposal photos for their Facebook profiles to break the news to friends, and already had their engagement session out of the way…all within the first day of their engagement!