Q: “What kinds of questions should I ask when interviewing photographers for my wedding?”

A: Presumably if you are speaking or meeting with a particular photographer in the first place it is because you have seen their work and like their style and creativity. If you haven’t seen their work, then certainly one of the things you should ask is to see some examples, in order to make an informed decision. If they can’t produce very much for you to review, or if it’s not to your liking, then look elsewhere.

Additional questions to ask may address specific concerns you have about your wedding photography, such as how you’re thinking of displaying or storing your photos after the wedding (such as an album, or framed prints), how long the photographer will be at your wedding, whether they’ll bring an assistant or secondary photographer, and what else you can expect from them on your wedding day. Ultimately you will be spending the entire day with them, so make sure you choose someone who is professional, and with whom you feel comfortable and confident. If you prefer to give them a “test run” before your wedding, consider an engagement session, which will acclimate you to their style of direction and creativity.