The Orange County Humane Society is currently operating at capacity due to a recent rash of people surrendering their pets to them (how sad!).  This often occurs when owners are forced to move somewhere that doesn’t accommodate animals, or pets are turned over by family when their owner passes away, etc.  If you’re thinking of adopting, now is the time to do so!

(L): Elmere (R): Rex

Wiggy has a white spot on his chest and a unique white-tipped tail

"Stax" has a cute little underbite which gives him a sweet pittie smile!


"Rio" is a furry ball of energy who can walk on two legs!


This poor little Yorkie is one of ten...TEN...Yorkies who have been living at the shelter for the past ten months (some were even born there). Their owner was arrested for meth possession and the dogs, of which there were too many in one household anyway, were confiscated. The owner can't keep them right now, but refuses to relinquish them for adoption. They're just stuck in limbo at the shelter.



Isn't "Moti" cute in her little outfit?!

"Hiccup" may be deaf, but he is nevertheless a happy, playful puppy and an absolute staff favorite at the Humane Society