designer apparelCarol’s stunning Kenneth Poole wedding dress, with Badgley Mischka “Randee” shoes.

girls namesAll of Carol’s single girl friends wrote their names on the bottoms of Carol’s shoes—custom dictates that the first to rub off will be the next to marry!

careful with that dressLove Carol’s expression as a helper hangs the dress for her


greeting guestsMeanwhile, Pete was prepping in his apartment nearby while family arrived to wish him well. Photo by Matt.


waiting gamePhoto by Matt

shoe ceremonyAnother custom: Some of Pete’s male relatives/friends delivered Carol’s shoes and helped her put them on. She pretended they didn’t fit, so they had to stuff them with money!

euro dollars

wedding gown

tighten a tieImage by Matt

shavingPete allowed his cousins and male friends to help him shave, in accordance with tradition. Image by Matt.

bride and bouquet

wedding gown and shoes

wedding paradeMatt had the good fortune of accompanying Pete with half the wedding party through the street to the church.

wedding parade 2Heads were turned, to say the least

Meet me at the churchOnce at the church, there was a traditional “tug of war” as the bride made her way up the steps slowly, trying to get Pete to meet her halfway.


Met(Pete conceded one step forward)

preveza church

interior church
couple at altar
greek orthodox ceremony
circletI think they might have pulled a hair putting Carol’s stefana on!

flower girlsPhoto by Matt

wiping faceCarol’s sister Michelle being a dutiful attendant

throwing rice

emotionPete’s mom


couple and groom

bride black and white

church image

destination wedding


margarona royalThe reception was held at the Margarona Royal Hotel in Preveza

greek dancesImage by Matt

celebrationImage by Matt


greek dancingImage by Matt

first dance

Congratulations Carol & Pete! What a ride!

  • You have brought wedding pictures back to an absolutely necessary part of the event. I’m posting your link on my lawyer’s discussion group.

  • Beautiful pictures, beautiful bride!

  • What a nice time you must have had for a work gig!! Matt is not a bad Photo bug either!

  • A few comments from my lawyer discussion site…

    Thanks for sharing. Cool. (Dan)

    That earrings picture is stunning. (Robt)

    and a long post, from Karl, a lawyer with creative ideas, and a photog + litigator for phtog’s who have legal problems….

    Yup! No doubt, some nice work! … (having shot a few weddings). Really hard, high pressure work with alot of liability if you screw it up. Wedding photography is an industry, within an industry — requiring specialized skills and tools. There are also different “styles”. In this case the current most popular one: “Journalism/Collage”, (snapshots and shooting snippets of the event — shots of bits and pieces, later put together in a collage … in a newspaper format.) “Traditional” … like what your Mom and Dad have in an album, that no doubt, at some point they have bored you to death with. :) There is also a synthesis of the two, (which most commercial wedding photogs do.) Walmart hasn’t entered the market yet … but it will. The photog industry has adapted, changed it’s business model from making a living from charging for prints, to having an appearance/event fee and providing copies on disk, (for a fee). As lawyers, we need to adjust as well, change our “business” model, not to become another business, but to serve our clients in a more efficient, cost effective manner. Like it or not, Solo and Small Firm “Great Whites” will have to change from “paper” to “paperless”. Filing “on-line” will happen in 2011, (it already has in the Federal Court system). Teleconferencing in motion practice, will happen, (look at R.S.Mo 55.30) … the Judges will resist, believing, by forcing lawyers to appear, they can force a settlement. That may force lawyers to talk with each other, but that only puts lawyers in the position of suggesting/forcing their clients to settle when they don’t want to, (given the terms presented). I will post a motion for a telephone conference case management, I have started filing in each case I have, tomorrow. Point being? Some wonderful wedding photog work, (thanks for sharing!!). Not a Walmart product. But then, that beggs the question … How many of our clients could afford it? How many of our clients can afford us, using the business model we do?

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