If you are curious about how to get worthwhile pictures of animals at your local shelter, Susan Daffron from the National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals conducted a teleseminar with me this week regarding animal shelter photography.  The interview lasts a little more than an hour and is archived at NAPRP’s website (the password to listen is “mollyannphoto”).  I am not sure where the PDF that we periodically refer to throughout the seminar is archived, but I am hosting it on my site for a limited time if you’d like to download or view it.

It certainly seemed like a parade of more sad little faces than normal at the OC Humane Society this week…  Maybe someone reading this blog will be moved enough to truck on down to their shelter and pick one or two up to give them the sweet life they deserve!

sad faced cat

Poor Jax...buck up, buddy!

Sad dogs

Sad babies! They still need names.

sleepy kitty

Edward Scissorpaws...from this photo, can you guess why the Humane Society staff named him that?

curious cat

Bobby has that classic cat curiosity!

scared dog

AWWW! This little guy needs a name and a home!

adopt these animals

Top - Tyler; Bottom - Mary Lou; Right (smiling) - Panther

sweet kitties

Mouse (L), and Calvin (R), whom I think looks remarkably like a human kid.