Shield your eyes! The adorable details at this wedding may be TOO ADORABLE.

Lauren and James wed over Labor Day weekend at the Long Beach Museum of Art, and they were absurdly easy to photograph. Lauren didn’t stop smiling all day long, and James tore up the dancefloor to APC Entertainment‘s tunes during their reception.  I was surprised to learn that Lauren and James had researched the gray and yellow palette, Mini Cooper embellishments (they both drive one), and other decorative ideas themselves, and executed them solely with the assistance of family and friends. They certainly have a designer’s eye!  And designer’s taste…the floral designs from Romance Etc. were both sweet and inspiring, and no self-respecting Long Beach native would deny that the cupcakes from Frosted for dessert were a great call.

Artistic abstract portrait

Because they got married at an art museum, Matt and I figured that we should create least one abstract, artistic portrait.

White wedding dressHemp shoesGetting dressedAnxious groomsmen

Same size shoes

One of Lauren's bridesmaids was amused to discover that she wears the same size shoe as the 11-yr-old flower girl!

Reach for itHair stylingBridal portrait

First Look, Wedding portrait

Lauren & James opted to have a "First Look" and see each other before the ceremony, to get some of the family pictures out of the way.

Dapper groom, dapper coupleFloral detailsGet in the picture!

Getting emotional

I caught James' best man getting a little emotional when Lauren emerged to walk down the aisle.

Walking down the aisleOcean view wedding

At the altar

Lauren made sure there was a moment during the ceremony when she could update her relationship status on Facebook to "married."

Sweet artistic weddingCute wedding day ideasBridal party in yellow, brown, grayLong Beach Museum of Art weddingColored pencils ringsLong Beach coastlineFrosted cupcakesCake smushing into faceBouquet toss fun

Wedding getaway in rickshaw

Their "getaway car" was a man-powered RICKSHAW! Truly a fantastic "Just Married" vehicle for one of Long Beach's most fantastically cute and creative couples. Congratulations Lauren & James!

  • I can’t believe how well you captured all of them!

  • Amazing pictures… love the color combo! Turned out great :)

  • Oliver Ravela

    Fantastically cute and creative couple indeed, their wedding made me feel things in my feel-y parts. The bride looks radiant and the groom cleans up real well. Awesome job all around.

  • James Williams

    Thanks again for the great photos Molly and Matt! We’re loving the way everything turned out!

  • What a great wedding! Great pictures too.

  • Bryan Williams

    Amazing pictures! The whole event was captured beautifully!

  • Lauren Williams

    You and Matt are so so talented, and captured all of the little details so beautifully. Thanks for everything! I will most definitely be recommending you to anyone I know getting married!

  • Nancy Kirchhoff

    WOW, what a beautiful wedding! Well done photography, perfect mix of color and b & w, traditional and avante gard….Best of wishes to the B & G for every happiness!

  • Cheryl Burdon

    Precious memories! Luminaire definitely captured each important moment of this incredible day with style. The Eye. Either your photographer has it or doesn’t.
    Luminaire Images has it X 10!!!

  • Beautiful pictures! Congratulations, Lauren and James. Thank you so much for letting us be part of your special day.

  • Beautiful pictures! Congratulations Lauren and James. Thank you so much for letting us be part of your special day.

  • couldn’t be happier for you two!! stunning pics!

  • Megan Williams

    The photos of this wedding are the most beautiful photos I have ever seen! And seeing that I caught the bouquet guess i’ll have to hire you guys for my wedding. ;)

  • brittany williams

    Wow these are so amazing! there so creative and beautiful! I think my favorite is the one with James and Lauren in the carriage thing!

  • Laurie Steinfeld

    Adorable, such a Joyful wedding, and the cake looked amazing! Well not quite as amazing as the bride, but 2nd for sure!

  • Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!

  • Aunt Chris Romanini

    Lauren…..What a darling wedding!! How John and I enjoyed getting these photos to see how the big day went. We are so happy for you and look forward to meeting James. Love you much…..
    Aulnt Chris and Uncle John

  • Lauren and James your pictures are fabulous and so artistic :)

  • Too beautiful for words!!! LOve, Love, Love the pics!!!!

  • Love all of the pics. Especially the one of my daughter’s “good side!” ;-)

  • Dakota Burdon

    That was the cutest wedding ever!!!!!!!!! The photos were all SO great!!! I can’t wait to see the rest!!!! Congrats again!!!

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    What a beautiful job capturing such a beautiful event! So glad you guys were behind the camera!!

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    Really lovely images! Thanks for the wonderful photographic record of a beautiful (and well planned out, L & J!) and very special day.

  • Hunter Burdon

    The Wedding Was Beautiful! And The Photographers Definitely Captured Every Single Detail! You Two Are So Cute! :)

  • An amazing wedding and absolutely beautiful people making a life together! What a wonderful day and the pictures capture what was a truly amazing event! It is something I will always remember.

  • Andrew Burdon

    What a special day for two very special people!!! Congrats! The wedding was great and so are the pictures!! All the best Love Andrew, Cheryl and family….

  • Amazing Pictures! Lauren you look stunning and so happy. Cheers!

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  • Janelle and Dan

    The photos are terrific. We had a great time at your wedding. Thank you for including us.

  • A beautiful bride and a handsome groom. That couldn’t be scripted any better. Infectious smiles, quite contagious. Wish you two the very best and continued happiness!!

  • Stunning! Great photos of such a warm and beautiful wedding…so happy for you guys!!!

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    What beautiful pictures! You updated your facebook status at the altar?! I wonder if that’s a record! Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories…

  • OH MY GOODNESS!! Lauren you were a beautiful bride! I LOVED all the details of your wedding. Congratulations and Happiness Always!! Terri Brosky (Aunt Julie’s friend)

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    The Pictures were Ayight. I hope you got a great deal on them and an awesome package for free. Im Just KIDDING!! The Picture Truly captured what we didnt see. Congratulations.

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