Michele caught me while I was at a conference in Las Vegas last September when she first contacted me. At that time she’d just gotten engaged and was already making plans for a spring wedding in Texas, where she and her fianc√© Tyler lived. A mere five months’ worth of planning didn’t bother her in the slightest, she was on top of every detail and even reveled in the process of mapping out her perfect Southwestern wedding, which eventually took place at the Inn on the Riverwalk in San Antonio this past weekend. Of course nobody could do anything about the freezing rainy weather that rolled in, but when you’re working with such an easy-going and light-hearted couple, it’s easy to take a little rain and make some rainbows.

  • Molly, we’ve just come back to our room, day four of our honeymoon in Jamaica. Just sitting down to check on emails… we are speechless…. You have delivered the photos of our dreams! I’m near tears looking at what you saw on our wedding day. From before I dialed your number the first time, I’ve always known I wanted you to photograph my wedding; the photos above are way beyond my expectations. Stunning, elegant, perfection… these adjectives don’t seem to do you work justice. You and Matt were wonderful, thank you from the deepest places in our hearts <3

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pictures. :) Congrats!

  • Wow!!!! Amazing photos, your photographer is awesome. I completely second what you said about your photographer Michelle. Your wedding looked beautiful. Congratulations!

  • loved michele’s and tylers wedding and reception in San Antonio TX 3/10/12…,great work..keep it up…

  • Frank Terando

    nice pictures, the lighting in the first image is really great, I mean it. I’m so happy for you.

  • These are amazing shots! As a guest who unfortunately could not make to this wonderful event, I am glad your team was able to document this occasion for others like me. I can see and fell the love, joy and pure happiness that was center stage at Michele and Tyler’s big day! Thank you!

  • Fantastic! Congrats!

  • Beautiful pictures of an amazing couple!

  • Colleen Collins

    The picture of Michele’s wedding are breath taking, thank you for all your hard work. Colleen Collins

  • Great time, great pictures. Can’t wait till our next adventure.

  • The photo’s are beautiful. Wish the Bill Leinweber family could have been there to see it in person. Congratulations to a beautiful couple. LU Auntieeee

  • You look beautiful Michelle… I’m so happy for you!

  • Charlie and Kassie Brown

    Michelle and Tyler were definatly a match made in heaven! When I see them two, I see nothing but the whites of their teeth from all the laughing and giggling. I’ve never met such an awesome couple as these two, who are truly, madly in love with each other! These pictures are a perfect way to express the love these two have for each other!! Fantastic job!! Love and miss you two! Best wishes and God Bless!

  • Debbie Randall

    Photographs are superb!!! For such wicked weather, everyone looks amazing!!! Must admit, the photographers were not in the way, or in anyone’s face yet, were always there for the shot!!! EXCELLENT !! Very creative shots and makes the entire wedding look as beautiful as it really was!!!!

  • I am speechless! The pictures are AMAZING! I would have loved to have been there on Michele and Tyler’s special day, glad she aquired your services for their special day, you have done an AWESOME job. CONGRATS!!! Michele & Tyler <3

  • Katherine Hernandez

    You guys took amazing pictures!
    Did I mention I also thought they were “super duper, duper, duper cute” too!?! :)

    *Molly was friendly, down to earth and very professional.
    Not only does she take amazing pictures that are well thought out, I truly enjoyed her company.

  • Beautiful pictures!

  • Beautiful photos! Congrats to you both. Your photographer captured the joy and love between the two of you! Excellent

  • I just can’t even find the words to say to express how much I love these photographs! Michele and Tyler, the love, FUN, and sheer joy you find in each other is captured so perfectly, and the accessory stills–the flask and the dress, the hat and the boots, the rings on the cup, and the flowers in your hair…all come together to bring us bits and pieces of what makes each of you YOU yet tell the tale of you joining your lives as one on this very special day, which is simply the next chapter in your storybook romance. Michele, you look beyond beautiful in that color close-up! Matt and Molly, what an eye you have for looking into the heart and soul of two people and bringing out the little things that mean so much to them–both as individuals and as a couple! Here’s to years of love, laughter, and happily ever after! Michelle

  • Congrats to you both. Michelle, I am so happy for you!! You looked amazing.

  • Tina Wedding Coordinator

    I have worked with alot of photograhers in this buss. but ur are the best!

  • Great pics! I like the flask! I hope you’re having fun in Jamaica.

  • Maria Carrillo

    Breathtaking! These photos absolutely captured the essence of the special moment! I love each and every single one of them!! Congratulations my dear WEI friend. Wishing you and Tyler endless happiness! ~~ LOVE, Maria ~~

  • These are so great! My favorites are the rain ones, the one of you two in front of the Inn kissing…. and the one of you guys on the deck overlooking San Antonio!!

  • Gerald Collins

    Thank you for all your hard work, you have captured the moment,

  • Awesome pix for an awesome couple! Congrats!

  • Loved the pics and love the couple….barbara :)

  • Congratulations Michele and Tyler! These pictures are priceless!!! Every captured moment catches the happiness in your new life. Wishing you a long and happy life together.

  • Julissa Borbon

    These are amazing and beautiful photos! Michele and Tyler you guys are an awesome couple, Congrats again! Matt and Molly and wonderful at their job they definitely have an eye for what they see and give everyone the opportunity to share their views with us. Plus they had good models! :)

  • Michael Collins

    amazing photos sis!!

  • Brenda Severson

    awesome photos. Michelle looked so beautiful!

  • Beautiful Pictures!!! Simply breathtaking..
    Congratulations Michele and Tyler – you both look great. Your photographer did an amazing job.

  • Beautiful and Happy couple great shots…..