Genneia and Jay are getting married next May (’11!). ¬†Genneia is totally ON IT, getting their engagement photographs taken so early!

blue dress, brick wall

orange blossoms

green grass

sunset colors


laughter in a field

kiss in the distance

devil in a blue dress


tree branches

Congratulations on your engagement, you two!

  • Rhonita Henry

    You two are just too cute. Congratulations on your engagement, cain’t wait ’til the big Wedding Day. I know it’s gonna be lovely. :)

  • Wow Mama! You look great! You too Jay… I love the last photo with the crazy tree behind you. You two make a beautiful couple. Congrats!

  • Lisa Robinson

    These are great. So proud of you guys. Love Ya Lisa

  • Love these pics guys. . . Good job. CONGRATS!

  • I dig the one of them laying in the grass–super cute! Also her dress is BANGIN’

  • Incredible pics of an incredible couple. It’s been a long time coming. Congrats!

  • I’m loving the ones in black & white and the one when you two are in the grass toasting, you two look like models. Looking good!

    Best Wishes!


  • I love the man in the picture!!! He’s amazing and I must say very handsome, too!

  • Wow! I can’t wait to marry the lady in these photos!! See ya’ll in the D.R.

  • Look at you two! Just Beautiful! I am so excited for the both of you! I have been waiting forever for this to happen! Dream do come true! D.R. Here We Come!

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these picture! Congrats!!!

  • Seneva Norwood

    Genneia- Congrats. I love the pictures. You are banging in that blue dress. Best Wishes.See you soon at my wedding!!

  • You guys look so cute together in these photos! I swear, would have never thought to get engagement pic’s for my wedding 100 years ago. I like that it’s a series of events instead of one big bang then done. Looking forward to DR and seeing you guys officially where you were supposed to be from the beginning. I am so happy for you and proud of you both. All my love:)D

  • congratulations! you guys look so adorable in these photos. DR here we come…can’t wait! best wishes to you both!

  • Wow! Your Perfect and True Love has been captured! Thank you for allowing us to take a peek! Did I say WOW!!? Well…I meant to say WOW-WEE! 8p Love Ya Both! Blessings Always, G

  • Rhonita Henry

    O, BTW. I want one of each picture. They are all too cute to pick just one.

  • Lyndon and Grace

    Your pictures look fantastic. Best Wishes to you both.

  • Amazing photos, makes me want to get engaged again and get some great shots taken! You guys look so sweet together, can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Debbie Stephens

    Congrats on your engagement:)I love all the pitures. Love is written all over your faces

  • Margaret Tutt Adams

    Great photos. Each photos captures the essence of your relationship and speak volumes. Blessings to you both.

  • aahhhh sexy sexy, i LOVE it :)

  • Kim Bethel-Murray, MD

    OMG! These are sooo cute!! They are HOT!! Absolutely adorable! The beautiful thing about is the camera captured the true love that exists between the two of you!!! Very natural! She looks like his “Sweet Pea” and he looks like her “hot mess”!! =) Congratulations you two! I am impressed but not surprised, Genneia does good work! JJ she’s a keeper!

  • Jason Thompson

    Love the pics, you guys look great together! congratulations on your engagement and your future!!

  • Chartia Thompson

    Lovin it, Lovin it, Can’t wait to the big day. You both look so cute, i love that color blue.

  • What fantastic news. Lots of love to you both! You look absolutely … blissfully… happy. And that’s how it should be. :)

  • Sam&Marsha Snider

    You both look great. Love the pictures Congratulatons on setting the day Just fun in the sun and sand.

  • The pictures are two cute. Congrats you guys

    Lisa D

  • great pics!

  • These are gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!

  • Genneia and Jay, I’m so blessed to have seen this relationship blossom into this great union, you guys were destined to be together and the sparkle of love in you guys eyes for one another let’s me know that true love will make it’s way back no matter how much time or distance put in between. Congratulations, you guys deserve all the happiness and blessings that comes your way.

    I Love you guys, Oh did I say great Pictures lol

  • Johnny & Dianna

    What a Great way to show your luv 2 the world. In the beginning u all were destined! Peace & Blessings of abundance always ~

  • Love the pics! you guys look so happy together!! Thats where the boyz get it from. Cant wait for the big day,so excited for you guys. This is truly real love!! Congrats Again on your Future Together!