This image was featured on PostSecret this week.  I thought it was interesting because I photographed some boudoir imagery for a young woman last week who mentioned that she didn’t want pictures showing off her body so much for her fiancé as much as she wanted them for herself.  “So when I am old and fat,” she said, “I can look back and remember what I really looked like when I was in my prime.”

Really, it’s so rare to find that kind of forward-thinking attitude among young people.  It’s hard to understand what an “emotional investment” is when you’re still young enough not to have experienced the need for one.  For example, if you are a young adult, you may not yet personally know anyone (close to you) who has died.  Because of this, you may not TRULY understand how valuable photographs of this person will be to you someday.

Always make sure you have a lot of good imagery of the people you care about!  You’ll thank your photographer later.