Pamela and Matt were wed last weekend at the Sheraton Carlsbad resort on a warm September afternoon, with planning help from Aimee Betz, flowers by Moments in Bloom, makeup by Gale Alexander and hair by Penny Anderson, cake designed by Vi Pham, stationary designs by Fab Unique Designs, and the party whipped into shape by DJ Dennis Jones!

dress and flower girl shoes


ring picture

flower girl hairstyling

flower girl feet

calla lillies

peeking out window

seated bride


Image by Matt

Image by Matt

reclining bride

crazy bridal party

The mustache is made from "wax candy" and was brought to keep the flower girl occupied

(The mustache is wax candy)



groom and ring bearer

Image by Matt

The flower girl decided to empty her basket prior to walking down the aisle

The flower girl decided to empty her basket prior to walking down the aisle. Just easier that way!


greeting the bride


bridal party picture



orange county wedding

first dance, couple

during the toasts

During the toasts

After the best man's toast

After the best man's toast

Image by Matt

Image by Matt

Bride at the Window

Images by Matt

Images by Matt

Busting out the wax candy for a little dance floor fun!

Busting out the wax candy for a little dance floor fun!

  • Can you please have that mustache photo as the opening to your website and everything else … I love it so very much. Some beautiful portraits of the bride too… Love the ones when she is sitting and looking so fabulous.

  • The pictures are beautiful…. I absolutely love them! The wedding was a lot of fun! And you guys did a great job on the first dance, I’m very proud of you.

  • Shaquille O'Neil

    You guys are adorable. Great pics!

  • Shaquille O'Neil

    You guys look great! Your groomsmen look better….

  • WOW- What a great time with family and friends. Those Brother’s really know how to parrty! (with two r’s). These pictures bring back some great memories.

  • These are beautiful pictures that really captured the beauty of the day!

  • Michelle Charboneau

    Absolutely stunning pictures. I love the creative ones with the rings, those are adorable! And the close up of Pamela is absolutely gorgeous! These pictures captured perfectly what an amazing day that was.

  • Love these pictures! Such a beautiful day!

  • Awesome pics. For future improvement try to include Kel while he is missing a tooth!

  • Absolutely fantastic photos! Thank you so much for inviting us to share your special day.

  • I love it! It was such a wonderful day

  • I nearly died when I just looked at these. Such amazing shots. So many moments captured so perfectly!!! I just relived the event all over again! Well done.

  • Looks like everyone is having a good time…

  • Bill Anderson

    WOW!!! Great Pictures guys!!!! We had a wonderful time, what a amazing wedding…

  • The photographer did an incredible job. The photos are really well done.Not your typical wedding shots. Had a great time.

  • Great pics! Love the ones of you guys in the “field”…very cool. Also really dig Slade’s head/hair in the groomsman shot…

  • Stephanie Wehrhan

    Loved all the photos! It was a beautiful day!

  • Amazing pictures! What fun night.

  • Great job Molly and Matt! The pictures came out fantastic!! Way to capture such an exciting day for all of us! :)

  • The pictures are incredible. They capture all the happiness and beauty of the day. Not only that, but the LCD with the photo slideshow at the reception was a wonderful surprise. It gave guests a chance to look back at those candid moments only captured on film!

  • Fran Charboneau

    Loved the pictures, you guys did a fantastic job of freezing memorable moments in time to enjoy for many years to come. Thank you for your expertise!

  • Fran Charboneau

    Amazing pictures, loved every one! Fantastic job of capturing all the special memorable moments in time.

  • Amazing photos! Wish I could have been there!!! Pamela you look ammmazing and the dress is gorgeous!

  • Barbara Sherman

    I can’t believe the beautiful pictures that were taken. But then again, look at the beautiful people in them!!
    But seriously, job well done.

  • I absolutely adore the bridesmaid dresses! I am getting married this fall and am wondering if anyone can tell me the designer.

    Thanks for any help!