Taken from Digital Wedding Forum blog, I couldn’t have put it better myself:

Well there you have it! Right there in black and white. Good photography is worth paying for but 22% of Brides don’t realize it until after the wedding is over.  What the heck can we do about that?

Online printer/image host/publisher Shutterfly released their most recent survey results today and amongst a few worthless facts (like blue is color of the season) there was some valuable information.

Should’ve spent less on the dress; more on the memories. Of survey respondents married within 12 months prior to the survey, 28 percent felt they didn’t spend enough money on the honeymoon; 22 percent felt the same about the photographer. 19 percent of the same sample reported spending too much on the bridal gown and food.

So this either means that 22% of the surveyed brides either wanted more product or there are a bunch of hack wedding photographers out there who aren’t living up to brides’ expectations. Interesting food for thought no matter how you look at it…

I can’t tell you how often people say to me (when I tell them that I am a wedding photographer), “Oh, we never got our wedding pictures from our photographer!” or “I wish I would have spent the money to hire someone like you instead of just telling my wedding guests and/or my friend to snap some pictures.”

As professional photographers, we value brides who value photography.  It means their priorities are straight, they already trust us to do a good job, and their wedding, as a result, will be nothing short of awesome to photograph.

  • I definitely fall into this category. We tried to cut the costs on our wedding, but I wish I would have splurged on my wedding photos. We still don’t have a wedding album…something that I keep putting off.