Lindsey & Harvey risked cold February weather getting married out underneath heavy rainclouds in Temecula, but I personally could not be any happier with the photos we got that day.  Amazing light and location.  Special thanks to Su-Lin at Wilson Creek Winery, tunes-master DJ Fast, and Country Splendor Flowers & Gifts.

applying makeup and hair


lindsey blondeLindsey sadly had a cold, but the good news is you TOTALLY can’t tell! She powered some Dayquil and was a real trooper!

lindsey bride
groomsmenHer man Harvey.  Groomsmen photo by Matt, who has shown real talent in groomsmen posing. I think he’s even better than I am at it!

first-lookLindsey & Harvey’s first glimpse of each other.  I’m so glad they decided to see each other before the ceremony and do as many pictures as possible while there was still daylight!

bridal partyI think this bridal party needs a theme song.

bride and groom


stairway smooch

champagneWilson Creek’s signature almond champagne…highly recommend.

ceremonyImage by Matt

wine mixing

light heart

barrel roomThe reception was in the barrel room

receptionLindsey & Harvey shared some petit fours with their guests instead of wedding cake…cuuuuuute!

partyHarvey really loves to party!

  • Marlynne Thomson

    Great job! Photos are awesome!

  • Rachel Thayer

    The photos turned out amazing! You did a wonderful job!

  • I would highly recommend Molly Ann and Matt for any job requiring a professional and caring touch. These teaser shots and the others I have seen are exceptional. I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you for a job well done.

  • And here I thought you were marrying Harvey. Who’s the guy with the short hair?! haha. These are beautiful! Congrats you two!

  • AHHH
    SLAYER! You looked amazing!!! I am still SO bummed that I couldn’t be there. Everything was beautiful and these pictures are PERFECT!