Personal Background

I thought I'd commemorate this blog's day-old status by a little background about myself.

I graduated from Chapman University in 2004. I majored in cinematography, and while I loved the eccentric personalities that I met in the field, I didn't truly love the work itself--much of it involved hard labor, long hours, and rampant sexism (there, I said it). I refrained from moving to Los Angeles after graduation, and instead stayed local (OC), taking jobs as a theater technician, since (despite learning very little) Technical Theater had been my minor in college.

Lost and aimless, I eventually began working as a data entry clerk in the office of a wedding subcontractor company in Garden Grove. It was a small business run by a couple who oddly enough were not photographers, videographers, nor DJs themselves, but hired such professionals for brides. I was hired specifically for data entry, but in a matter of weeks I was building albums for them as well, and additionally teaching myself Photoshop during hours when I had nothing to do. Soon enough I was sent out as an assistant with some of the wedding photographers, and thus was my baptism in the wedding photography industry.

I have since hopped around between employers (all within the wedding photography industry), picking up tricks and tips from all over, and also worked as a second shooter for numerous photographers throughout Southern California on the side. Within two years of my first photography assistant job, I myself took the plunge and agreed to shoot a wedding as the primary photographer. That was last fall. I have since shot another, and booked a third for April. I'd say I'm well on my way.