Alpha Pet Care shoot

Over the past couple weeks I've been doing promotional shoots for the Long Beach petsitting/dogwalking company Alpha Pet Care. They plan to use the photographs on their site as well as in monthly e-mail newsletters to their clients.

It's a Toto! What a face...Incidentally, I think it would be really neat to get involved in pet adoption photography (pro bono, of course)...I mean, I think a great photo could make all the difference in generating inquiries about a dog!Unfortunately, many agencies in my area are already committed to other local photographers, or are disinterested in this service, which I suppose is a bit of a shocker!Alex, owner of Alpha Pet Care.Alex with Kyle, a weekday ward of the company's 'Doggie Daycamp.'Alex surrounded by some of his Doggie DaycampersSammy (L) playing rough at Doggie Daycamp.

After Alex's shoot I popped over to Lisa's place a couple blocks away. Lisa is Alex's right-hand woman, and she wanted some photographs of her with her cats, specifically Charles, who was an FIV-positive stray that she rescued after some kids shot him with a BB gun! She is hoping to feature a story on Charles in Alpha's newsletter.

Kitty paw!Lisa with Charles.Hee, looks like Charles has said something quite funny!A typical cat-owner scene.One of Lisa's other cats, Jack.

Segues to...

Rudy!And Rudy's walker, Bonnie!AwwwLong Beach walkers Amy and Lisa strolling down the boulevard!Taking a breakLove this shot! =)Lisa! Wouldn't be much of a promo shoot without a couple shots of the humans, you know!AmyThis is one of Lisa's regulars, Gus. LOOK AT THAT WIDDLE FACE!!!Finishing up with a detail shot