Leslie & Steve

When I was finished with Jennifer & Bruce's party I had to hustle over to the Costa Mesa Country Club to second for Leslie and Steve's wedding...June 23 was a double-header day!Leslie and Steve were bubbly and excited and full of fun and personality, and so were all their friends and family...they had a wonderfully enjoyable wedding :D

SteveLeslie getting her groove on.All dolled up!Some of her beauty details:I love the ribbon on this bouquet, it looks so elegant!This is HILARIOUS. Leslie took one of her bridesmaids with her into the bathroom stall and at the giggling prompt of her other attendants I snapped a picture of her feet while she was in there as a joke.One of my favorites, of Leslie adjusting her garter. She has FANTASTIC legs!Overcome with emotion at the sight of her baby sibling in a wedding dress, Leslie's sister had to turn away for a moment.I thought the bridesmaid bouquets were fun and colorful! I like the little flower sprigs =DA detail of the bridesmaid dresses.Just like Leslie and Steve, the bridal party was full of laughter and merriment. I caught this just before the processional down the aisle, and I think it captures the mood of the camaraderie of everyone in attendance just so well.A very groomy angle.Leslie's mom rejoices in the dressing room after the ceremony.One of Steve's groomsmen gets a little carried away!Another eye-popping cake =)Leslie and Steve entering their reception to a roaring crowd!Leslie's lady friends giving it their all!