Andrea & Bryant

This Saturday I photographed Andrea & Bryant's wedding on Newport Harbor.

Andrea only had a few minutes to prep in the captain's quarters, but that didn't mute the excited glow on her face!Bridesmaids bustling around her.I'm beginning to discover that one of my strongest points during a wedding day shoot are the bridal suite preparation shots, usually because they are in hotel rooms or somewhere with a big window that just permeates the room with a fantastic glimmer, which really enhances the mood. Just gimme some of that sweet, sweet windowlight, baby!She had an AMAZING train with her dress...!Ooh la la!Andrea certainly makes a super-cute bride!She was also furnished with two bouquets, one for 'tossing' at the reception, and one to hold during the ceremony. We scrutinized both, and decided that this one was the prettier of the two!Another shot to fuel my love affair with cake. Check out those little shells decorating it......they're not plastic or wax, which is what I thought when I first saw them on a wedding cake a few years ago. They're actually white chocolate...and SOOO GOOD!From engaged to newlyweds, just like that!Bryant...I think those two would look great as two sides of the same album spread!My favorite shot. It's kind of daring thing to do with exposure for a portrait, but I ADORE the concept. It makes me think of it not as a portrait of two people, but instead a portrait of two halves of one soul...Andrea's maid of honor getting a little choked up during the reception.Wow! Bryant specially requested these...he certainly has refined taste!This was just a candid that I snapped on the bow at dusk...Andrea and Bryant picked a beautiful evening to get married, it must have been 75 degrees out on the water...sooo nice!