Sarah & Chris

Last Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Sarah and Chris's wedding at the beautiful Strawberry Farms Golf Club in Irvine. I have so many favorites from this wedding that I am beside apologies in advance for the deluge of images, I just love way too many of them!

I highly approve of Sarah's shoe choice, because she opted for the same thing I would---comfort!

I was touched to see that Sarah had written a loving note to her father.

The hairstyles were masterfully done by Billie from Hair Comes The Bride.

She sure picked a jaw-dropper of a dress, too!

WOWZA. She sure is photogenic. She really reminded me of the models you see in surfwear ads, with the sunkissed freckles and windsplashed hair.

Now that's what I call a bevy!


Sarah at the Farm's windmill.

The whole party in front of the barn!

Chris slyly sneaking in for a kiss!


Some lovely ceremony area detail...

I've met a lot of brides that are very nervous on their wedding day, but Sarah was truly excited to get married!

Sarah's mother getting a little emotional...

Sarah's parents during the ceremony.

Sarah reacts to her brother and sister-in-law reading during the ceremony.

One of Sarah's grandmothers, also getting a little emotional.

Man and wife!

Who needs an actual grad filter when there's good ol' Photoshop instead?

The reception was in the barn, which was really awesome. This bridesmaid and groomsman struck a pose during their grand entrance, hehehe!

Sarah & Chris's grand entrance... I LOVE this shot!

They wanted to strike a funny pose, too!

Cake-TACULAR! They also opted to have their surname initial topping it, and I'm beginning to think that's the new "thing" for wedding cake toppers, as it's the second time I've seen that sort of decoration.

The first dance. The barn door provided some truly beautiful lighting, those Strawberry Farm people knew exactly what they were doing :)

I have such a raging sweet tooth, I was SO EXCITED to discover that there was a candy bar!!! ...(not bar like a Hershey bar, a bar like a pub)

Sarah during one of the relative dances.

Father/daughter dance.

Sarah preparing to toss her bouquet...

Hahah, what an expressive girl! Sarah looks just as excited as Chris about the garter removal :D