Western (Wailing) Wall

First set of images from Israel: The Western (Wailing) Wall.There's no shortage of pictures of this area as it's considered the holiest site in Judaism and one of Jerusalem's top tourist draws. I'm currently developing some texture sets to spice up my style, and decided to experiment with these (they look GREAT!!).Known to locals as the kotel, a segment of stone wall on Old City Jerusalem's Western side is the closest accessible location to the holiest site in Judaism: Temple Mount, which, among other significant biblical events, is widely believed to be the site of the final temple built upon the coming of the Jewish messiah.

The wall is divided into two areas: One side for men and one side for women (the more crowded side in this photo).Of course I could only go to the women's side and so most of my shots are from there.
Hundreds of people gather at the Western Wall daily to pray and leave notes addressed to God stuffed into its cracks.
I discovered that they don't call it the "Wailing" Wall for nothing...some women immersed in prayer at the wall actually did look as if they were crying, or about to cry. My father later commented that we were on the eve of the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, and some Jews were reflecting and seeking atonement.