Movie production stills: "All Hallow's Eve"

This weekend I had the unique opportunity to shoot some production stills for an independent movie my friends Ed and Tim are making.A little known fact about me (I guess), in a past life I was on film sets ALLL the time. I majored in cinematography in college so I'm familiar with a lot of the equipment, lingo, positions, and nature of film crews and film sets. It's been years, though; as much as I enjoyed it, I didn't pursue cinematography as a career because I decided that the lifestyle didn't suit me. Seriously, most of the time moviemaking only sounds glamorous.Anyway, I didn't wind up on this production due to any of my film school contacts, many of whom I still keep in touch with. No, I know Ed and Tim from weddings! They're both videographers who work in "the biz" from time to time on the side.So it was fun to be on set again and this time leisurely taking pictures instead of rigging lights, or coiling cables, or fretting over schedules like how it was in college. The film was a horror movie and the scenes I was present for involved a Halloween costume party, which is why people are dressed in literal costumes.I had fun.

Tim is such a huge goofball. Here he is groping a set prop.Andrew, an 18-year-old gripOne of the actors, Phillip, just prior to shooting a scene.I love this image, it reminds me of something I'd see in Life. It's just the gaffer (light rigger) goofing off. There is usually lots of fooling around on sets.Ed being director-lyEd and Amy, the producerI also really like this shotTimAndrew having some fun on the makeshift "dolly"---a wheelchair.This picture of one of the actors in costume isn't really one of my favorites, I'm just including it because I marvel at how much beer they had on set. Whether it was for the cast, crew, or set dressing, I am entirely unsure. I've never seen so many cases of liquor on a movie set before.