Featured Link: "Light Writing/Graffiti"

Time for some featured links!Light GraffitiMaybe you've seen the sweet Sprint commercials where dozens of slow-exposure stills are run together to create the effect of moving light streaks---very artistic, and apparently now a trend. It's easy enough to do (I remember trying to effectively mimic this 1924 photo of Picasso painting with light when I was little, using sparklers), all you really require is a flashlight, and a camera.You can also watch this video of German artist "lichtfaktor", who I believe is best known for "Light Writing" art, and check out his equipment:

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We're having a heat wave here in Southern California this weekend---it's so humid, it totally feels tropical, but that doesn't make the heat less bearable!Which is why I think I'm going to switch off this afternoon to conserve energy. After all, I don't want any of my appliances sucking up more power than they need to be!