[39] Wedding images

Jannette and Pascal04.19.08The HaciendaSanta Ana, CA
This weekend was a very special wedding: it was Matt's first shoot with me! He did a very good job capturing the magic that I couldn't when I was preoccupied elsewhere. Thanks, Matt!
The sa-weeeeet bouquet by wonder woman Nancy at Flowers on Mars. I think the little gems are a nice touch...Jannette's dress was better than a hundred Monique Lhuilliers, Vera Wangs, and Oscar de la Rentas combined...because her mother made it! Jannette's mom has actually been creating custom wedding dresses herself for over 20 years!!Hee!The stunning JannetteZZZZAP!!!! Don't those electric blues just shoot right through you?Pascal, who happens to be from Belgium. When I asked him how he wound up in Los Angeles, he deadpanned, "Flew in on a plane." Smartass!Check out the boutonniere Nancy designed for him...I don't think I've ever seen anything like it, it seriously looks like it was plucked from a fairy tale forest glade.Matt caught this trippy shot right outside the hotel and it just zonks me every time I look at it. Can you see why? Trippy!!Taken by Matt of Jannette and Pascal's little girl Angelique.Another by Matt prior to the ceremony. Angelique's expression cracks me up every time I look at this.We had the best lighting ever that day...gauzy clouds and no harsh sun. If you're getting married soon, be sure to order a nice partially overcast day for your wedding (lol)!A great capture by Matt, with some "God-Light" added ;-)Pascal being a big ol' goof!I could tell that Pascal really, REALLY wanted to do some facial cake-smashing, but Jannette begged him not to.He tried to anyway, and look what happened!Now THAT is the enthusiasm that I like to see!!