Featured Link: "Gobbledigook" music video

Sigur Rós has just released the music video for the single "Gobbledigook", from their latest album. The video is basically a frantic, naked, handheld romp through the woods. Literally.It's inspired by photographer Ryan McGinley's project "I Know Where the Summer Goes," which I find fascinating and beautiful because despite being shot in recent years, both hearken to the nudist colonies and washed out film days of the 70s. So awesomely vintage.I already liked Sigur Rós's music, but while watching this video, for the first time I saw what I could never see in dozens of classic nude statues and paintings that inevitably hang in every museum and gallery. What all those artists, sculptors, and photographers had strove to capture but I never understood when I saw their work: the beauty of the naked human form. Amazingly, it wasn't until I saw the subjects in this video (and McGinley's project) relaxing, acting naturally, and moving comfortably despite their nudity that I began to also notice the beautiful ways that people could move. The smooth skin stretched over lithe muscle, the natural shapes and curves. This isn't glamorous posing and dramatically-lit nude portraiture---it's playful, celebratory dancing.It's AWESOME!!Catchy music, too.PS, if you hadn't noticed (duh), both links contain artistic nudity. Click at your own discretion.