[26] Wedding images

The other Saturday I photographed Justin and Carmella's wedding at the Chart House in Dana Point, CA. This was a special wedding to me as I've known Justin for nearly seven years now! Matt, whose also a friend of Justin's (in fact, I think he's known Justin longer!) assisted.

Justin. I met him in another life, while working as a stage hand at the internationally-lauded art theater, Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. He's still there!Matt snagged this one of PURE Justin personality!Meanwhile, in the ladies' room...Carmella gets a little help from her mom and sister.Hair and makeup by Something Blue stylist Andrea MartinCarmella's dad sees his little girl in her wedding dress...Matt got this great focus-racking shot of Carmella reacting to a particularly funny setup with Justin and her bridesmaids!Just the gals =)WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!! This was at the tail end of a morbidly hot weekend, but the biggest perk of getting married right on the water is the wonderful ocean breeze.Matt got this great shot of the ceremony overlooking the harbor. Man. I wish I was tall.Toast time!Aw, happy tears from Carmella's sisLove it!Guess what kind of dance this is...Matt scored this one and there's something sweepingly dramatic about it that I really like.Some of my Pageant friends being the life of the party, as usual!Good deed of the day: Teach one person the YMCA dance.