[24] wedding images

What! I still haven't blogged Miriam and Alberto's wedding?? Say it ain't so!Miriam and Alberto had a lot of cool extras on their wedding day at the Anaheim Hills Golf Clubhouse: saluting marines, dove release, belly dancers...the kind of spectacle you would expect of a 4th of July wedding.

Miriam was rocking the bling like nobody's business.Alberto was a Marine so you bet there were uniforms present...and NO discipline whatsoever in this bunch of military men ;-)Miriam's face at seeing Alberto for the first time (lol)!Get a load of that feathery fabric on Miriam's dress...gorgeous.Matt scored this one.This one is also by Matt...check out all that jewelry!!But I think my favorite piece of her whole ensemble was the little hairpin. I have a weakness for cool hairpins.Miriam also had quite a veil...Miriam is a true Afghani beautyAw, dove love.Matt snagged this one of the ring bearer watching the happenings, and something about his expression makes me laugh.A WHOLE FLOCK OF DOVE LOVE!Marine love, too.OK, so Miriam, who I believe has taken bellydancing lessons herself, hired these two INCREDIBLE belly dancers who did all kinds of awesome tricks and performed for probably a full hour. It was out of sight, I think I shot a full 4gb card's worth of photos of just them!Who can blame me though...you get a ton of pics when you put a dancer with flaming swords in front of a photographer, right?One of Matt'sI don't know how he got it, but Matt scored this awesome photo WITH HIS BARE HANDS, hahaha!Now THAT'S how you cut a cake!!