[28] wedding photos

A couple weeks ago I shot Erin and Jack's wedding aboard the Adventures at Sea yacht Just Dreamin'. These two were MADE for each other. I've told Erin several times now that she and Jack should quit their jobs in education and take up television screenwriting...the hilarious banter just NEVER stops with them!

Erin, who is sillyErin chose a dress with blue overtones, thus taking care of "something blue" without requiring her to actually carry anything or wear something that doesn't match the dress.I just realized that I must have a million shots of the backs of dresses being laced up, and I probably post one in every single blog entry. They always just turn out so nicely.Jack, who is also silly. Do I detect the sweet scent of compatibility?Shot by MattLOLJack's son gave a pretty entertaining roast toast.Jack truly set an admirable example regarding this cake. The ship was about to leave the dock and the cake had not yet arrived from the bakery---whereas most people would probably be in a state of panic, Jack was Cucumber Man (as in, "Cool As A"). Maybe he was panicking inwardly, but he sure seemed calm on the outside, and ready to let it slide and just enjoy his wedding. If any future newlyweds can learn a lesson, this just might be the most valuable one: If something goes wrong, DON'T PANIC. The only presence you really need for a wedding to truly run smoothly is the bride's and groom's. Fretting over the presence, or lack thereof, of anyone or anything else threatens to ruin the good time you may otherwise have! Roll with the punches...your blood pressure will thank you =)This was one of the most unique and awesome wedding interruptions I've ever seen. Some of Erin and Jack's students puttered out into the harbor to intercept the yacht, waving hand-colored signs reading "JACK+ERIN, OMG."...We sent them off with slices of cake.The bridal party included Jack's two kids.Some nice f/2 sauce.Taken by MattTaken by Matt. We could probably play a drinking game for how many times Erin rolls her eyes throughout the day.Theirs will be a super fun household, let me tell you!Practicing our "Graduate" angle.I love this shot by Matt. So cinematic.