Mercury Rev concert

Went to a Mercury Rev concert in WeHo last night. Craaaaazy visuals. Check out what I got with my cheap P&S:

(Sorry it's out of focus. It was dark and like I said, cheap P&S. But you get the idea)I recommend their concerts just for the sweet visual effects. But not for the sound. It sucks that so many concerts are so loud that the music doesn't even sound how it does on the band's recordings. I usually bring earplugs.The only concert I've ever been to that wasn't deafening was Elbow at the Avalon back in the springtime. That was an amazing show on all levels. Spectacular band. Didn't need earplugs even on the floor. STUUUUU-pendous.In other news, my friend Vu and his brother Lan are encouraging me to blog more videos. What do you think? Should I?