FAQ Friday: Important Photo Components

Today's question is from my high school buddy Trevor!Q: What would you say is most important factor in taking a great photo (not taking consideration of the photo subject)?Sure, a lah-vehr-lee photo subject brightens up any picture, but there are two other major factors I consider as very important to taking a great photo.The first is lighting.  OBVIOUSLY!!  The word "photography" itself means 'light writing', and understanding the properties of light itself and how your camera perceives light can improve your work dramatically.  Awareness of light makes the difference between a photo that's overexposed, underexposed, or what parts of the photo are exposed perfectly, and manipulating the light or adjusting the camera settings to achieve the look you want.The second is setting. You can seriously have beautiful light but a hideous, difficult background really brings down the quality of a photo.  There are ways around a poor set, sure...but only so many, and in the end it's very limiting on what you may be able to do and how you may be able to shoot.

img_1304-copyThis photo of Katelyn is a great example of a lovely subject, lovely light, and a lovely setting.