Yes! We Are Pregnant!

The time has come, and we are 'fessing up!

Matt and I are expecting!

We have been keeping this under wraps because we didn't want to shake any of our clients' confidence regarding their 2013 wedding photography; despite being pregnant for over half of our wedding season we both produced some of what I feel is our best work to date without adding any stress to our clientele's wedding planning process. Additionally, we have no intentions of retiring Luminaire Images, so we didn't want to curtail referrals for 2014.And speaking of 2014...Q: When are you due?Our due date is officially February 14th, 2014. Yes. Valentine's Day. Our own little lovebug!Q: Will you be "taking it easy" from now on?Matt and I found out we were pregnant in early June. Since then, I personally have photographed four engagement sessions, ten weddings, four non-wedding events, ten portrait sessions, and continued to attend client consults and networking functions as per usual and felt just our foreseeable plans are "business as usual." I have been careful not to alter my workout regimen so that I may stay as fit and energetic as possible for continuing to service our clientele.Q: You should be "taking it easy!"Every pregnancy is different, and some are less difficult and low-risk than others. We are fortunate that ours is thus far fairly mundane and uncomplicated, which is of course the most medically desirable! That said, I intend to continue working full-time right up until our due date, or as close to it as possible.Q: I need you for an event coming up, are you sure you'll be OK?I plan on photographing events and portraits through November and early December, which is when most of our final bookings are for 2013. If at any point Matt or I grow concerned about my abilities to deliver the quality that typically meets our standards, we will be bringing an additional assistant (or in a more extreme situation, a third photographer) to help out, at no expense to our clients. Matt and I go to great lengths to be fully prepared for every event, and any issues that arise will be addressed ahead of time with you in the loop!Q: What if I want to hire Luminaire Images for an event or session that falls between late December through your due date?Matt and I having been working with a small team of trusted associate photographers for years now, so as before regarding dates when I was not available, Matt and/or one of our associate team will assume the role of primary photographer for all events/sessions, though I may still be present for supervision and client support in some scenarios. I will, however, personally continue to edit all weddings, events, and portraits in-house to maintain our standards of quality, as well as manage all client inquiries and correspondence.Q: What about after you deliver?Our due date falls during what is typically our slowest months of the year, so there should be little impact on any of our clientele. A modest delay in product delivery time is the only change-up for which we are currently making preparations.I plan on being back out in the field 100% full-time as soon as I’m able, hopefully no fewer than 60 days after our kiddo arrives! Any unforeseen complications that arise will be discussed on a one-to-one basis with affected clients, since (as most of our past clientele know and appreciate), we are fairly transparent when something concerns us about our ability to service their expectations. Every Luminaire Images client will be taken care of to my highest standards, regardless of the circumstance.We love what we do, plain and simple. We have no plans on scaling back the amount of clients we accept, or the types of events we will consider for April 2014 and onward. Matt and I are a dual-income household, so dropping out of the business or going part-time is definitely not on the table!Q: How long will it take to get my event(s) edited after you have your baby? Luminaire Images is usually super-fast, by industry standards!We are estimating that the average event/wedding may incur a delay of just a week or two more, as we adjust into a new work/life balance. Long-term, our goal is to deliver edited images in the same time frame that Luminaire Images clients have come to expect!Q: I have kids, so I know SOMEBODY has to be watching them at all times! How do you intend to continue working as a team on events?Matt and I are incredibly lucky to have a very eager family network living close by who have all expressed major interest in babysitting (yay)! As stated before, we will also be relying on our team of associates for added support.Q: I just saw you recently and could have sworn you were NOT pregnant. How can you already be five months?!If you saw me anytime after mid-June, then I can assure you, yes, I was. And yes, I was aware of it at that time, and no, regardless of what you recall, I was not actually drinking anything alcoholic. This is my first pregnancy and it's common to be "slow to show" the first time. As of September I also have been wearing layers and loose, flowing blouses...ladies, I can totally works to hide a belly!Q: I just saw you recently and suspected something was up!I have a short list in my head of people who I figured might know something based on very, very subtle indications (believe it or not I was paying attention). Message me sometime and I'll tell you if you were on it! :)Q: Was it a surprise?No, this pregnancy was planned and was not a surprise. Though I'm pretty certain a lot of what we're about to discover about parenthood will be!Q: Spill! Is it a girl or a boy?That information is strictly confidential for personal reasons...but we're welcoming guesses!