PPC trade show

Wow, it's been too long since I've updated this.

Bad Molly.

Yesterday I went to my first (and highly overdue) photography trade show, the PPC Expo in Pasadena. It's supposedly a pretty small, tame trade show comparatively, but I have to say I was completely overwhelmed by the number of album vendors...it seemed like every other booth was an album company, and a lot of the ones I've heard of weren't even present! I never thought about what a competitive market album-making must be. I didn't buy anything because I am holding out for the Camera Expo in Carson on the 18th, where I hear there are better equipment and accessory deals, but it was interesting to wander around, meeting people, gathering catalogs and free pens, and reviewing a lot of the available products.

I also sat in on a digital/RAW workflow seminar by Kevin Kubota, inventor of the everfamous Kubota Actions. I've met him before (though I'm sure he'd never remember me), but it's always a pleasure to listen to him. He's not just a skilled photographer, he's also a very knowledgeable Photoshop technician/artist and a sensitive, good-humored guy. I LOVE his actions, and I find him to be a totally inspirational speaker, as well.

I was also offered a good deal (read: sympathetic to my poor little fledgling wedding photographer finances) on PPA membership at the trade show. I've been meaning to join for a while now, and that's kind of cinched it!