How-To: Blog Subscriptions

How many things are wrong with this picture?!
I looooove Photoshop Disasters. The above picture is by far one of the best posts I've ever seen.Incidentally, if you want to regularly follow blogs like Photoshop Disasters (and this blog, too!) without bookmarking them and amassing a huge list of bookmarks, you can use RSS Feed sites like Bloglines or Google Reader. Sites like those list the blogs you want to follow, alert you when a certain blog is updated, and even display the blog entry on the same page if you want to see you can see everything all from one place!To subscribe to blogs, sign up for one of the above services and then visit the blog you like. Look for the magic RSS symbol: , or the magic word "Subscribe," and follow that to automatically add a blog to your subscription service.You can also still subscribe even if there is no apparent RSS; just copy the blog's URL and paste it into the reader service's search field to locate the blog's feed, floating out there somewhere in cyberspace.In addition to Photoshop Disasters, here are some good blogs to subscribe to, or at least check out:What The Duck - Daily photographer humor in webcomic formKevin Kubota's blog - My (action) hero!Trash the Dress - Everyone's heard about trash-the-dress sessions...but have you seen them?Get out there and start subscribing!