OC Humane Society - August

"Pound Song" from Lady & the Tramp

Summer's here and so are more friendly faces from the Orange County Humane Society shelter, just a block up Newland from the beach!  The Humane Society is now also showcasing some of their dogs, cats, and rabbits at the Strand on 5th and PCH during the Huntington Beach Tuesday night street fair every week.  Check them out!


Bobby begs, "Please, pick me!"

VitaVita the curious cat!


img_3986-copyThe sleek Elvira

simonPoor Simon was living the good life until his owner died and no one would take him in :(

tweedleThis is either Tweedledee or Tweedledum...hard to say--they're twins, after all!

FridaFrida prefers the two-legged view!

dashThe handsome Dash

myraMyra couldn't resist the kitty toy!

indigoIf you're going to end a post with a smile, there's no smilier face than Indigo's! She just loves life!

OC Humane Society pets

What's that? Time for more furry widdle faces that I just wanna nom-nom-nom?? You got it!Little Lolita

Peiler isn't winking at me, he actually has a cold...poor fella (it is a funny face, though!)This little baby hasn't even got a name yet.Jelly Bean was interested in a kitty toy. And yes, those are her long, lovely nails!!DaisyCarlita is such a doll, she likes to shyly high-five people.Rudy got a summer haircut and couldn't be more pleased (what a smiley face)!

[18] Adoptable pet images

During my latest shoot at the OC Humane Society I was so pleased to see that a good number of their available pets had been adopted over the holidays! SOOO franjabulous that people are adopting these pets-in-need instead of buying from petstores, many of which purchase their dogs from cruel puppy mills.But who wants to hear from me when there are CUTE FURRY FACES to look at!!

This is Sampson. HEE HEE WIDDLE FURFACEBrett the cocker mix. I love cocker spaniels, they have such beautimous fur...Olly the border collie!Olly, true to the border collie breed, is extremely intelligent. He's terribly gentle and sweet, but he KNOWS THINGS, and he hates being penned up. He somehow undid the metal mesh in his cage and got his head stuck, so he's being kept "in the back" of the shelter where people can't really view him so easily, but where he can't escape. I took lots of pictures of him because consequently being featured online is where most people will see him.Olly = Mr. LovableBrownie the Second!Lexi the smiley chihuahua/doxie!Bonnie was such a GOOD GIRL, especially for being a puppy! She gave me the best looks. What a pro.BAYYYYBEH DOGGIES. There were a couple cratefuls of tiny puppies there, if anyone's looking for a darling little butterball :)Can't forget the kittehs! This is Bianca, stretching laaaaazily out.Mellow Marco Polo. Poor fellow was dumped in the shelter after his owner died :(Baby. Pretty pretty Baby!The stately Preston was brought to the shelter after the owner got annoyed with him marking the furniture. I don't understand why someone would rather get rid of their pet instead of neutering them!Cute little PatchesMarley, who has grown a bit since I last photographed him. I took another picture of him because he's STILL THERE! The poor kitty has watched all his littermates get adopted and he's still waiting for an owner!

Phil, whom I photographed last time, also.

[14] Humane Society pets

YAY!! It's that time again! Time for more Orange County Humane Society dogs and cats! Debbie, the director of this particular HS branch, told me that the shelter has had an influx of interested pet owners over the past month, maybe for the holidays. Additionally on average they adopt out about 25 pets a week (which is great!!), so there's no guarantee that any of the pets pictured here on my blog will be there by the time you stop by...especially the small cute ones. BUT they are ALWAYS getting in new animals and sometimes it's a few weeks before I can get in to photograph them, so it's worth a visit anyway---because obviously they will ALWAYS have a number of great, adorable pets! I'm just the person who captures a few of those faces now and again. Anyhoo...onward!

This is Santa! And he has a beuuuuuuuuteeful coat as well as beautee-ful Bambi eyes!Then there's Shorty, who has such a funny smile :)Awww, and Mandy the chihuahua, who will probably be snapped up pretty quicklyPoor shy Brownie, who I photographed last time, was so terrified of the the "click" noise from my camera that we actually had to reshoot her pictures. She's a sweetie-pie mama dog.Kipper, the waggiest dog in the shelter. He's on the fast track to becoming the "Featured Dog," with that friendly tail of his, I can tell you.Kipper againTimmy, such a smiley pup (also the first picture)!Fiona the pupSad-eyed little Ralphie the German Shepherd mix puppy...see how badly he wants someone to hug him this Christmas!Carlita has a brown eye and a icy blue eye, AND she knows how to shake (here she shows off her skillz)We can't forget the cats!! This is the ever-beautimous Winter.Rascal knows how to strike a pose...kitties are naturally statuesque, after all.

Lil' Blitzen. The OCHS employees tell me that black cats are the hardest to place in homes. Maybe because even in the 21st century people are superstitious?? PUH-LEEZ, PEOPLE. Blitzen is just as lovable as any other color kitty!

[8] Adoptable pet images

This morning I volunteered to do some special photos for the Orange County Humane Society, hoping that with some pro "headshots" some of their wards will be adopted sooner. I dunno about anyone else, but a photo is a HUGE sell for me when I'm browsing products (or pets?) online, and hopefully they'll make a difference for these dogs and cats who are looking for a home!As always, please consider adoption when looking into getting a dog or a cat, and ALWAYS SPAY AND NEUTER!!

Jasper, a little terrier mix. Isn't he a DOLL?!?!? And look how badly he wants to go home with you!
Elvira and her hypnotic eyesRowland, the most affectionate Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix you will ever meet.Unnamed kitteh who will be available for adoption in a week or twoSally the sweetheart"Oh, it's a Kitler!" I said when I saw this kitty, but the HS personnel didn't know what I was talking about.Dax gives me his best "Adopt Me!" giggle. It's truly a shame how many Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Pit Bull mixes end up here simply because people think that they're naturally mean dogs, and they don't spay or neuter the dogs they have.Amelia makes a face!

You can find more info on these pets and many more at the OC Humane Society's website.