Orange County Humane Society pets: December 2010

If this hasn't been brought to your attention yet, please check out this article regarding the shocking discovery of frostbitten dogs at the San Bernardino County Shelter and put in your two cents, either by calling the County Supervisors (whose telephone numbers are listed in the article) or e-mailing Doug Smith, the irresponsible shelter Supervising Officer.  It's a sorry state of affairs when Californians' tax dollars are accepted for the care of animals but not actually put towards the care of animals.That said, shelters such as those run by the ASPCA and the Humane Society are not government-funded like the County Shelters are and rely on donations to keep their wards warm and comfortable during the winter.  This holiday season in addition to monetary donations, the OC Humane Society is also accepting blankets, portable heaters, heating pads, pet cots and pet cot covers, and dog sweaters as well as items from their ongoing donation wishlist.Who's ready for some furry-faced sweetness?