Tot Shots: TJ

little boy sepiaTJ.

explorerHe looks ready to lead the exploring party in this one


bart simpsonMaybe it's the striped vest or spikey hair, but something about this kid reminds me of Calvin (& Hobbes).  Or Bart Simpson.

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book man

woah faceThe world is so full of awesomeness to two-year-olds like TJ. The pic on the right is his "woah face," which he makes whenever he sees something interesting.

[6] Newborn images

I meant to post these days ago, but my internet took a nosedive this week and I was in WITHDRAWL!! It was horrible, thank you verrah much, Time Warner! Bah. But I'm back, with images of six-week-old Aiden!

So expressive!Aw, looks like somebody was sidelined when Aiden arrived!

[12] Baby Portrait images

This weekend I took some portraits of little Sienna, just 7 months old. She is SO expressive, editing her pictures made me laugh out loud; she's making a different face in every shot!

I guess I just have that effect on babies.One of the many that make me LOLHee hee..."OMG I'm the STAR!!!"BLUE STEEL

[23] Newborn images

Baby Justin arrived a week early on January 12, we had to bump up his newborn shoot!I've been waiting for Justin ever since his mommy Emily's maternity shoot in late November.Apparently Justin is an "unusually sleepy" baby, but he was wide awake for most of the session. Maybe because we kept changing his clothes or touching his teeny little feet!Awww!With his big sister Natalie!Piggies!"ZZZZZ"During the "in between"s of the session when Justin was being changed or fed, I got some shots of Natalie playing with her bubble toy outside......And their new kitten that they got for Christmas!

[13] Newborn images

I mentioned my maternity model Alisha's little bundle of joy, Shelly, has arrived. I got some shots of her today and she's just so darn cute that I couldn't resist putting them up now:

My favorite shot.
Yes, she was born with all that hair! And she looks a lot older than her mere two days, doesn't she?This little girl has eyelashes that other ladies would KILL for!!Lovin' those lashes!A shot of Shelly's feet using one of my own Luminaire Textures :DI'm developing packages of textures that can be applied to any photo. The first package should be available for public use in 2008, so mark yer calendars!