In Honor of Steve

Last month Matt and I were truly saddened to hear that Steve, the father of our May 30th client Wendy, passed suddenly during a motorbiking expedition in his native South Africa. Shortly thereafter, Wendy designated her favorite picture of the two of them together (which we created at her wedding) as her new profile picture on Facebook in his memory.We only met Steve on Wendy's wedding day, but he was a bright spark of a personality, full of mischievous grins, funny suggestions for photos, and visibly beaming with love, joy, and pride for his daughter that day.  Matt and I glad to have met him, and are so, so honored that our images of him with his family on Wendy and Sean's wedding day are treasured by Wendy and her family.  This is among those times where it's hard to express the value of moments captured like this one, and how rewarding it is for us as photographers to have been able to give Wendy and Sean something that is so important to them, especially now.Rest in peace, Steve!