Engagement Session WINNER!

We have a winner!! (*confetti*!)Congratulations to Bill and Ellen, who sent in this story that gives me the warm Valentine's fuzzies:

"My fiancée Ellen and I met on Match.com, believe it or not, and it was love at first site for me.  The story I relay often for friends and family is the moment we met in the street outside my apartment in Westwood.  Brave Ellen was meeting me at my house to... wait for it... jump on my motorcycle for a sunset ride out to Malibu for our first date!  As she pulled up to park on my street she claims I "bounded" out to greet her at the car (likely true).  What is clear in my mind is how I felt the second she stepped our of her car: "She's so beautiful!  This girl is way out of my league!"  I was smitten the minute we met, and not just because of her looks.  Her energy, grace, and a strong sense of presence was what washed over me and made my stomach do that flippy floppy thing.  Needless to say, we've spent nearly every minute together since that incredibly connected first date and can't wait to get married and make it official later this year."

winning coupleAWWW.   Many happy days are ahead, as we can see.  Congrats again to the lucky couple, and thanks to everyone who participated!