Destination Bridal Session

Photographed in the Palm Springs area, though I personally think this looks like it could be on a Southeast Asian island somewhere instead of the desert!  Special thanks to Jaclene for modeling and J'Adore Florist for the bouquet.

palm trees

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Grand Processional

Why walk down the aisle when you can DANCE??  In this video, the bridal processional is as lighthearted and choreographed as a grand entrance, and turns out to be a huge treat for the guests.  Kudos to this couple for their originality, and kudos to their bridal party for throwing their inhibitions out the door and going along with it!!I can only imagine what kind of dance party the reception must have been!

[30] Wedding images

Judy and Aric had the enormous honor of getting married on my birthday this year (March 7)!  It was an über-long day, but I had Matt there to lend a hand, a gorgeous couple, and some sweet locations...who could ask for more when shooting a wedding, really?

Matt took the gents to a playground and took this awesome photo of Aric there.  It's one of my favorites of the day, I think.My shot of Aric.Judy meanwhile orchestrating everything while getting her hair did.  Shot this through a mirror.Judy got ready at her parents' enormous house in the Turtle Ridge neighborhood in natch there were lots of pictures of baby Judy around!Another favorite, of Judy's dad bringing her veil and shoes upstairs to her.Those jammies!!  LOLTwo of Judy's bridesmaids and Judy's sister fluttering about the dressing roomShot by Matt, w/ added textureJudy's earrings screamed classDon't you wish your parents' bedroom looked like this?  Or your own bedroom for that matter?I also wish I had a staircase like thisTaken by Matt.  Judy has a ten-trillion megawatt smile.WHY 2 PHOTOGRAPHERS AT ONE EVENT = OPTIMUM SITUATION: This is my angle of the wind suddenly catching Judy's veil while setting up a shot......this is Matt's angle of the same moment.  Two different yet really beautiful images from a single fraction of a second.Sometimes when I have to explain to someone why they should consider paying extra for a second shooter, I can't decide which of the myriad reasons I should begin with; illustrations like this are always so much more effective in explaining how sometimes two pairs of eyes are better than one.Beautimous ceremony floralsWhile editing, when I saw this shot of one of the bridesmaids during the ceremony my first thought was, "I wonder what she's thinking?"First DanceChanging into what I dubbed "The Queen of the Night," dress (a lá the character from Mozart's 'Magic Flute'). Seriously, the dress looks like it was designed in the starry Milky Way!The happiest I'd seen Judy's father all day was during the Father-Daughter dance. SO CUTE.