Laguna Beach wedding photography

Eva & Andrew were wed last week in a gorgeous private residence right on the sand in Laguna Beach.  It was the hottest day of the week, but that only made for a more beautiful beach day!Dining service for the event was provided by the ever-scrumptious Jay's Catering, hair and makeup by Lisa Liu, flowers by Dana Belinda, cake designed by Cinderella Cakes, wedding service officiated by Rev. Chip Fisher, and ceremony music by Karen the cellist from Breezy canopybeach day

Lisa does a pretty good job!earringsmagnified ringsImage by MattleiAndrew's face!Newlyweds, bridewedding invitation

What a stunning location for a wedding!Eva's twin sister wedding under a canopyemotional bridebeach weddingnewlyweds on sea shorenewlyweds in gardenbeach weddingwedded blisscouple on stairsdinner tablecute candleocean viewFirst DanceImage by Mattbouquet toss brideImage by Matt

Alternative Wedding Couple

There's so much about Kevin and Jessica that just makes you go, "what?"  They're unique, sarcastic, not afraid to be themselves, and of course...perfect for each other.Venue: Tivoli Hacienda (Santa Ana, CA)Flowers by This Old Garden GalleryEntertainment by Luis Ayala at Your Special Night Entertainment

purple wedding shoesIf you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, etc. you've already caught a glimpse of Jessica's fantastic purple shoes :Dbride getting dressedwedding dress bride

groom and brideTheir glasses crack me up. It's like a "his" and "hers" version.

groomsman getting readyGroomsmen photo by Matt

bridesmaids in purple

groomsmen sepiaKevin: "I'd like a groomsmen photo where we're all stepping out.  You know, like the Troggs."   Heh, the TROGGS?!?!  LOL. Musicians.

bride groom first lookFor the sake of daylight, we set up a "First Look" so they could have a special moment to see each other before their ceremony.

retro brideI LOVED Jessica's hairstyle

bride and groom in treesKevin insisted on a tux with tails! Trendsetter.


flower girlGotta love that pout.

ceremony Images by Matt

blue wedding rings

alternative bride

bridesmaid, elderly couple

first dance

alternative wedding bride and groomI love this image. It seems to capture their personalities as a couple so well.

tivoli wedding

Congrats, guys!

Indian Bridal

Many thanks to Jason Meyer for inviting me to help him photograph this brilliantly-colored wedding. Here are a few of my favorites from the bridal room prior to the ceremony:img_4275img_4289img_4344img_4323img_4351img_4460img_4451img_4366img_4454img_4382img_4462img_4468img_4489img_4491img_4758img_4510

img_4503Haha, the "modern bride."



Andrea & Zach: Trash the Dress

Matt & I photographed Andrea & Zach's wedding in April; when Andrea & I first began discussing her proposed trash-the-dress session, she initially requested that it include her new puppy, Sugar the papillion. The irony here is getting the dog washed means getting the dress dirty, OH YEAH!10081036img_178610171021100611064104010481073104310721082

Luminaire Images is Five-Star!

Received yesterday from Joseph Wong, Margaret Wong, and Srinivas Panguluri, Founders of Project Wedding:"Congratulations! You have received a perfect 5-star rating on Project Wedding! Your clients love the impeccable quality and service that you provide, and we are excited to award you with this elite distinction...testament to your talent and professionalism."

Luminaire Images (Molly Ann) Review

My thanks to my client Chrys for her glowing review!  Check out Chrys' interior design company here!

Grand Processional

Why walk down the aisle when you can DANCE??  In this video, the bridal processional is as lighthearted and choreographed as a grand entrance, and turns out to be a huge treat for the guests.  Kudos to this couple for their originality, and kudos to their bridal party for throwing their inhibitions out the door and going along with it!!I can only imagine what kind of dance party the reception must have been!

Sarah & Nate in Napa Valley, CA

Prior to Sarah & Nate's wedding at Hans Fahden Vineyards outside Calistoga, Matt & I had never been to the Napa area before.  I was aware that quite a few wedding photographers from Southern California had held their own weddings in NorCal wine country, and upon arriving, I understood why. It is gorgeous up there, especially in the springtime. We weren't in Calistoga for more than thirty minutes before I decided I wanted to move there, haha!I ought to also give a shout out to our airline, JetBlue. We had a super laid-back, comfortable flight. Low-key Long Beach airport and the über-accommodating JetBlue is what air travel ought to normally be like, or from what I hear, air travel used to be like back in its heyday, before security got tight and First Class was created and luxuries removed from us peons who normally sit in the back.  And it's phenomenally less expensive than other about that??But I digress...

^ This is my "Andrew Wyeth" shot.

Such a fun time, and such a beautiful area.  I can't wait to go back!

Chrys & Rick: Dominican Republic wedding

The opportunity that Matt and I had to photography Chrys and Rick's wedding a couple weeks ago in the Dominican Republic was like a total quintuple scoop of madcap fortune. Chrys found me on the internet and was assured by her wedding planner, her friends, and Ricky's Dominican relatives that there was no way she'd find the same kind of photographer in Puerto Plata, where the wedding would be. She hired us after only speaking to me on the phone and as luck would have it, we totally clicked. I couldn't believe how amazingly cool Chrys and Rick are, and to top it off, they have some of the most fun, friendly, and hardcore party animals of friends and family that I'd ever met. When we rolled into Sun Village Resort and Spa, we were greeted with handshakes, slaps on the back, even hugs from total strangers. Matt and I not only made some wicked sweet images that weekend, we also made a truckload of new friends from all over the United States and the Dominican Republic. It was an incredible experience and I am so glad we did it!!

One of my favorite pictures; Wedding day sunset at Sun Village Resort & Spa in Puerto Plata

Chrys & Rick, during a little pre-rehearsal dinner session at the Casa Colonial Beach & Spa boutique hotel.

Really cool tree I saw during a little countryside expedition Chrys & Rick invited us on with the guests.

Rick's family in the Dominican are businesspeople and land-owners and, (unbeknownst to us until we arrived!), relatives of the first freely-elected president of the Dominican Republic. These are some beef ranchers crossing a river on some of their property.

Wedding day!

What do guys do to prep for a kickback island wedding? Soccer and cocktails of course, all before lunch. Image by Matt.

Image by Matt.


Chrys lookin' supah-fly!

Chrys was very proud of her shoes. What is it with East Coasters and their amazing shoes??

Rick lookin' pretty supah-fly himself. Image by Matt.

Image by Matt.

The weather was looking pretty grim up until the very minute Chrys walked down the aisle. I think that officially makes her a ray of sunshine, awww!

The wedding day sunset :)

Could this couple be any more fun?

Could their wedding party be any more fun??

Something about this reminds me of Norman Rockwell.

I really, really like this shot, and I can't put my finger on why.

Rick said that when he suggested getting married in the Dominican Republic to Chrys, after visiting Puerto Plata Chrys said, "Well I can see why!"

The reception tent took all day to erect, and was constructed without lifts or ladders. Impressive!

Rick's family invited this *insane* sax player to come jam with the band and the B.J. the DJ, and it was awesome!

Image by Matt

Divy up that cake!Chrys and Rick made us feel more than welcome, we felt like actual wedding guests on camera duty. SO. MUCH. FUN. I wish it was still happening!

Chrys & Rick: Teaser

Last weekend Matt & I had the brilliant luck and unparalleled pleasure of photographing Chrys & Rick's wedding in the Dominican Republic. Destination weddings are decidedly more difficult than local ones, but I can't even begin to describe how awesome of a time we had. Chrys' & Rick's families were open and welcoming, and their friends are all so impossibly cool and friendly that I've half a mind to move to Ohio, D.C., or NY myself just to find more people just like them!I'm hard at work editing through the 4000+ images we shot and I'll be in Napa Valley this weekend for another destie, but for now here's a little sampling of our Memorial Day weekend in the Republica Dominica:

Sugarcane fields

View from our room at the resort

Warm tropical storms at the resort

Workin' hard!

More photos to come!

Andrea & Zach at Weins Winery

Andrea is like my one-woman fanclub. I've known her since college, and if there is one person who heralds nothing but praise and admiration for what I do, it would be Andrea---she must be the hands-down the most supportive person I know. Zach is a lucky duck to have nabbed a gal like her...and he knows it!Location: Weins Family Cellars (winery) in Temecula, CaliforniaFlowers: Allison Stevens of Magnolia Flower ShoppeAdditional photography by Matt (of course), and Temecula native Amy Boring.

Weins Winery on a BEAUTIFUL April afternoon...perfect for a wedding!Amy got this lovely shot of Andrea's dressAndrea decided to put a sixpence in her shoe...because as the rhyme goes, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...and a lucky sixpence in her shoe!" Did you know that?Her "something old" was her grandmother's handkerchief.She also had her lucky gator!I always get comments about how Andrea and I could be sisters, we look so much alike. All I can say, if I look half as drop-dead gorgeous as Andrea did on her wedding day, then I'd be thrilled!!Zach lookin' pretty spiffy, too! Image by Matt.Zach's father; Image by Amy.MANLYZach and Andrea opted to do a 'First Look' before the ceremony and it was brilliant! Image by Matt.Seeing each other in their wedding finery for the first time.Ye gods, what a beautiful day to get married!GOOFIES!Couples who are down to have some fun in front of the lens are THE BEST!Andrea in the Weins barrel roomHEY. (Image by Amy.)CAKE SMASSSHHHHHHH!!!Why do you need a second shooter? This is a shot Matt got of the observers of above cake-smashing! This is why it pays off to have two lenses in opposite directions at the same time :)GIT DAAAOOOOWWWNNNWhat the--?? I've seen loads of guys duck the garter, but girls ducking the bouquet? It must be a new century!Andrea's grandpa goes to funkytown with the ladiezzzzI love this shot for some reason. It makes me feel like I'm right there.Bringin' sexy back? Yeaaaaah!

The artistic trio!

[30] Wedding images

Judy and Aric had the enormous honor of getting married on my birthday this year (March 7)!  It was an über-long day, but I had Matt there to lend a hand, a gorgeous couple, and some sweet locations...who could ask for more when shooting a wedding, really?

Matt took the gents to a playground and took this awesome photo of Aric there.  It's one of my favorites of the day, I think.My shot of Aric.Judy meanwhile orchestrating everything while getting her hair did.  Shot this through a mirror.Judy got ready at her parents' enormous house in the Turtle Ridge neighborhood in natch there were lots of pictures of baby Judy around!Another favorite, of Judy's dad bringing her veil and shoes upstairs to her.Those jammies!!  LOLTwo of Judy's bridesmaids and Judy's sister fluttering about the dressing roomShot by Matt, w/ added textureJudy's earrings screamed classDon't you wish your parents' bedroom looked like this?  Or your own bedroom for that matter?I also wish I had a staircase like thisTaken by Matt.  Judy has a ten-trillion megawatt smile.WHY 2 PHOTOGRAPHERS AT ONE EVENT = OPTIMUM SITUATION: This is my angle of the wind suddenly catching Judy's veil while setting up a shot......this is Matt's angle of the same moment.  Two different yet really beautiful images from a single fraction of a second.Sometimes when I have to explain to someone why they should consider paying extra for a second shooter, I can't decide which of the myriad reasons I should begin with; illustrations like this are always so much more effective in explaining how sometimes two pairs of eyes are better than one.Beautimous ceremony floralsWhile editing, when I saw this shot of one of the bridesmaids during the ceremony my first thought was, "I wonder what she's thinking?"First DanceChanging into what I dubbed "The Queen of the Night," dress (a lá the character from Mozart's 'Magic Flute'). Seriously, the dress looks like it was designed in the starry Milky Way!The happiest I'd seen Judy's father all day was during the Father-Daughter dance. SO CUTE.