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When I ran into Doyle Borden last night at an industry event I was so flattered to see that he'd utilized the image I'd taken of him for his Tuesday with the Pros interview on his new business card! I may be biased, but it is an awesome photograph of a pretty cute design stylist!  I would put him on my business card too, but I think it might confuse people (LOL)!

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fishing for some style

Visual Style: I remember a cinematography teacher telling me once that it's something that's acquired through time and experience. A style basically lives within you and can only be perceived after you've become comfortable with what you're doing, and have a sizable body of work to illustrate it.Anyway, in the past few months I've been asked more than once to describe my visual "style," and most of the time words completely fail me; connecting visual images with concrete words is like fusing left and right brain functions and I can't just turn that sort of thing on and off like a faucet...I need help!Luckily, one of the seminars I happened to attend at WPPI touched on this and the speaker suggested that in order to help decide how to best describe one's "style", I should pick ten words that I think best fits my photos, and then ask other people to pick five of those ten that they think best fits my photos.So here it is, people. The ten words that, after much deliberation, I was able to come up with to describe the majority of my work. Now it's your turn! Pick five from the following eleven (I thought more might make it easier?) that you think best describes my style:PhotojournalisticNaturalEmotive/EmotionalRelaxedArtisticCinematicCreativeGenuineSensitiveInsightfulMerryIf you think there's a word missing from this list that you believe definitely belongs up there, submit that too, and I'll accept it as a "write-in," hee!Thanks, everyone!PS, is your friend :D

business cards, part deux

The front is pretty well received, it's just the back that needs a decision. If you'd all be so kind as to leave feedback again...?For a better idea of what's what, I'm also presenting them at approximate actual business card size.So:

with or with ?

new business card designs

It's that time again...time for more business cards!Right now I'm making wedding-specific cards, and I might make an extra all-around photography card too...but for now I'm in dire need of wedding photography business cards. I will also be making some wedding-related postcards as well.

This is the front:I made two versions of the back and I like them both. Feedback?Option 1:Option 2:

business bank accounts

NFIB has a great article on Opening Your First Business Banking Account, something which I am planning to do sometime early this year. What I like about the article is that it seems to have been written just for people like me, with particular care in addressing issues that "young" business owners face. For example, my abilities, competence, and skill have all been judged before, based simply on how young I look (or perhaps to some, how young I actually am!), and this article advises against choosing a bank that "talks down" to me because of it. I agree.Sometimes I really feel like business ownership, particularly NEW business ownership, is akin to walking on a tightrope. I am trying to be very careful, to make as few mistakes as I can and get to wider, steadier ground relatively unscathed, but there are so many distractions, so many things to be done or be done correctly, that it's hard not to lose my balance.In addition to opening a business banking account and finally acquiring a business credit card, I am going to somehow get my paws on Quickbooks so I can finally stop running this crazy train on paper and start doing it digitally!