Las Vegas, NV: Nickell & Angel

Last week Matt & I drove to Vegas to celebrate with my good friend Nickell as she married her man Angel.  Nickell and I go WAY back, there was no way I was gonna miss it!  We had some fun too---normally when we're in Vegas it's during the mega photography event WPPI, so it was nice to relax, hang out in loose casual clothing, enjoy the humid heat and thunderstorms, and generally be Vegas tourists.

img_7247-copyOur hotel room on the 28th floor had a great view, especially during the lightning storm.  Can you guess which hotel we stayed in?

img_7355-copyNickell shows off the goods. When we first met as freshmen in college, I made a snide remark about the week-long freshmen orientation in front of her. Her response was, "Ah, sarcasm. How I've missed it during all these stupid 'ice-breaking' events." I knew then we'd be friends for LIFE, haha!

img_7436-copyNickell & Angel...happeh day!

img_7386-copyMatt bathed in the glow of glorious Vegaslight.

img_7328-copyPretty much how it is!