I was just getting into my car to run errands when the UPS truck pulled up this afternoon.FINALLY! I had been waiting for this package for only a week, but like always when you're expecting a new toy, it felt like FOREVAH!Anyway, the guy pops out of the truck, looks at me and says, "Molly?" and I reply "YES!" with a big stupid grin on my face and the UPS driver at that moment must have surely felt like Santa Claus, because it was all I could manage not to snatch the box from him with a squeal of excitement.I am SO excited about this lens. I badly wanted a Nikkor 17-55 f/2.8 but for $1,200? HAH! Third party lenses don't have the bad rap they used to have 20 years ago, so I felt little shame in turning to Tokina...especially when the Tokina equivalent of the Nikkor I wanted is half the price!

AWWW YEAH.Wide end (16mm). Look at that beautiful 2.8 falloff! I'm thrilled.
[This is my dog, Bart, by the way. He is a 'puggle,' but he's a very old puggle and is mostly interested in his beauty rest nowadays. The way a lot of people photograph their children, Bart is most often my test subject.]
Close end (50mm).
My 50mm f/1.4 is one of my favorite lenses, but depending on the performance of this lens "in the trenches" so to speak, I may be able to give the 1.4 a well-deserved break now and then!

Nikon D3

Wow! Three days after Canon announced the release of its latest-and-greatest, the EOS-1Ds Mark III DSLR, Nikon swooped in with a timely announcement of its own...for close to half the price!Nikon Strikes Back: The Highly-Anticipated D3 and D300I had to collect my jaw from the floor when I saw this. Capable of ISO 25,600?!?!?! Man, talk about blowing my concept of what's possible out of the water. And two CF memory card slots?? Nikon strikes back, indeed.View the two cameras side-by-side (Mark III and D3).

New Member of the Family :)

Nikon D200.
Ooooh. Ahhh. Ohhh!

One of the reasons I got another, higher-end camera body was because I am beginning to get haughty, sneering "looks" from potential employers and clients (that happen to be NIkon-savvy) when I mention I shoot with a rinky-dink little prosumer D70. Never mind the incredible images that I might have taken with it...they automatically conclude that the D70's 6mp will ruin whatever gig they had intended me to shoot. Whatever. Haters.

Still, when I started playing around with all the customizations and special features on this D200 and realizing how awesome this camera is compared to my old one, I am not even sure myself why I didn't upgrade sooner.

OK, well, besides the couple grand it cost when it was first released. ...Which I did not have to pay, thank you verrah much, eBay!

Side-by-side comparison, if you please:

Look at all those fabulous gizmos and glorious buttons...customizations galore!! And look how much more HUMONGOUS that monitor is!

I'm in love.

FYI, D200 and I are going location scouting tomorrow.