If it sounds gross...

Fresh back from WPPI, I caught a cold.  We all know that congested, uncomfortable feeling.  Last night I read online a bit about neti pots, an ancient remedy for sinus cleansing and clearing that's made a dramatic comeback, primarily riding the adulation of yoga practitioners and Oprah...naturally.At first I was thinking, "Oh, I hate that feeling of getting water up my nose, there's no way I could try that," but then I started reading reviews in which is became apparent that this is not like getting pool water up your nose, this is like getting warm, salty fluid up your nose.  It's supposed to feel GOOD, surprisingly.So I tried a neti pot.  I'm going to apologize in advance for my gross nose-wiping in this video.

Seal Beach "Polar" Plunge

This past weekend curiosity got the better of me and I showed up at the Seal Beach Polar Plunge. Part of me was curious, the other part wanted to do some more experimentation with my new camera, particularly shooting RAW. I shot exclusively in JPG before, but Kevin Kubota's seminar at the Pro Photo Expo last week kind of helped show me the light.

Have I mentioned that he's like one of my professional heroes? Yeah, if you ever wonder who inspires me...

I still can't shoot entirely in RAW yet because I don't have all the equipment necessary (I still need to acquire Adobe Bridge, about ten more CF cards, and another hard drive, hah), but for little things and portrait sessions, I am convinced that RAW's the way to go.

Anyway, there weren't that as many people there as I figured there'd be, and I didn't go crazy shooting, but someone did ask for my card, so I suppose it was worth it!

A diver leaped from a Coast Guard chopper to kick things off.

I suppose a lot of people would scoff at the "polar" Southern Californian water temperature of 54 degrees.

One of the groups sponsoring the event was the Seal Beach Police (a costumed member of which is pictured)

The Seal Beach Fire Dept. hosed down the participants as they emerged from the ocean.