fair news

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Today I received a notice from the OC Fair indicating that all three of my photo entries were accepted for display. Now I have to print, frame, and re-submit them for judging. This is a new system for the fair and I like it a lot more; before, you had to print, frame, and submit and then if your piece wasn't chosen for display you wasted all that time and money printing and framing!Anyway. One of the works I am very doubtful will win anything, but the other two may have a shot at a ribbon, depending on the judges' style.Personally I don't think any of my three submissions top the photo for which I won 1st place last year. I've created a magnum opus at the beginning of my career...it's all downhill from here on out :\

we're all winners

E-Mail received on March 13 from PDN (Photo District News) Magazine:"Congratulations!The following titles you submitted won the PDN Photo Annual Stock Category: 'Ascension'."Hey, yay! They didn't mention that there were 24 other winners in the same category (and no 'placings,' i.e., first, second, etc), but I the whole reason I entered was so I could pad my resume a bit more, so I was still happy.And today I received my complimentary issue of PDN Magazine.

OK, I'll be totally honest. I hadn't heard of PDN until I found this contest online and entered. When I started leafing through this issue, I was totally humbled. PDN produces an awesome magazine, and the other winners (of all categories) are phenomenal! I suddenly have no idea how I ended up in this league, and I'm REALLY honored now. Jeez. Not to mention how naive I am, how have I never heard of Photo District News?
Wait! What's that on page 144? WHY, IT'S MINE!!
What contest is next for sweet Ascension?