OC Humane Society (January)

trudySweet Trudy. I love this dog...she has a wee underbite.

polarLike many white cats, Polar is hard of hearing.

AxlePoor Axle, giving me the sad-eye

crunchy"Crunchy" tries to nab a toy

puppyThis pup didn't even have a name yet!

Double Stuff and Luie"Double Stuff" (like the oreo?) and Luie. Poor Luie was adopted and then returned to the shelter. How could they resist those huge eyes?

bearBear is a big, handsome tomcat

OC Humane Society: October


The Orange County Humane Society is up to their ears in bunnies!  I can personally testify that once you realize they are NOT like cats or dogs, rabbits make for excellent pets; they are quiet, low-maintenance (compared to a dog), and excellent for folks living in apartments or other small living quarters.  Do your research, however---rabbits need space to run and rooms with open cables and wires need to be bunnyproofed!

img_6812The lonely Natasha

img_6688Harley, striking a pose

img_7168Mocha II

img_6920Candie's eyes really are that pretty!

img_6895Mamacita is a shy lover of all humans.


img_6825Dewey the doxie; boy, did he ever work it for the camera!


OC Humane Society: September

YES!  Time for more furry faces from the OC Humane Society!

ochs-1016Mia has an adorable snaggletooth!

ochs-1177Tooti and her luminous eyes

ochs-1167The Humane Society has an unusual number of rabbits right now, likely due to bunnies bought as babies during the Easter season and promptly dumped during the summer as they grew bigger and their owners lost interest.  Look at those curious ears!

ochs-1122Poor Chloe II hates living in a noisy, scary shelter!

ochs-1172The OC Humane Society staff tells me that sadly, cats and rabbits with black coats are generally not as popular as their lighter-colored cousins :\

ochs-1075-copyDylin's picture makes me laugh. Sitting so pretty and so eager for a photo!

ochs-1209Costello the kitten

ochs-1140Pola and his heart-melting eyes

ochs-1148Sweet "Cherry"

ochs-1217-copy"OJ" has the same markings as my cat. So pretty!

ochs-1036-copyHannah. Doesn't she have a rockin' hairdo?

[15] Adoptable pet images

Once again, the Bambi-eyed fur-babies from the OC Humane Society. Lots of really adorable faces in this batch and über affectionate personalities--these little guys should be snatched up fast, I'd hurry over if you're looking for a new dog or cat!

SpringsteenDarling little Springsteen

CodyCody knows how to shake!RamseySaw lots of winning grins, but Ramsey had the best smile of the lot! And his stumpy little tail wouldn't stop wagging :DTootsieThe shelter named this pooch "Tootsie," but I called her "Quasimodo" because she just had this squinty, pinched look. SO CUTE.GiaGia was SO curious about my camera!ZenaZena with her pretty Zena faaaaaceCleoCleo, why so serious?TommyI SO WANTED TO TAKE TOMMY HOME!! He wanted hugs, hugs, and more hugs!SinatraThis photo of Sinatra makes me laugh every time I look at it. What a sillyface!Nameless"Nameless" the boxer puts on his best "adopt me" face.VeganVegan sporting the latest spring lineBUT WHAT ABOUT THE CATS?? Well...ZinniaInterested Zinnia is interested.HannahHannah is also interested. Cats. They are always so interested in everything.SammySammy is interested in looking gooooooood.

Like I said, there is a really great selection of pets at the shelter right now...no time to waste if you're thinking about a new member of the family!